Metal Gear Solid 5 is unfinished? That's entirely the point

There's a school of thought that Metal Gear Solid 5 is 'unfinished' – based on a cut mission from the Collector's Edition bonus disc and some deleted visual files – that is currently bubbling on message boards and '$60 for an unfinished game LOL' Twitter outbursts. The argument is that MGS5's narrative doesn't resolve properly, which is a) wrong b) right and c) speaks to everything about internet culture. It also shows that while people are playing MGS5, and racing for 100% completion, they're not listening to what Kojima is saying. Or rather, not understanding *why* Kojima doesn't resolve every plot thread – and how the 'unfinished' feel might be deliberate.

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coolman2291220d ago

It's not just the cut content. Everything about this game feels unfinished. The story is the blandest in the series, with no real bosses. Skullface feels half baked. Quiet is the most interesting character in the game by lack of anything better. Most of the plot points are lazily explained in tapes in what feels like an afterthought or left unexplained. The entire story is unfulfilling. Even as bad as MGS4 was it at least provided a conclusion. This game just exists.

And the story itself doesn't answer anything of value. This was supposed to be Big Boss's ultimate fall into villainy. And we were gipped even from that. Even if the story was finished I doubt it would be improved much. The very foundation of the story is bad. Don't even get me started on how Psycho Mantis isn't even a character here. He's just here to be a deus ex machina to move the plot forward because there's nothing really pushing it.

PaleMoonDeath1220d ago

Story content is cut, just as things were getting interesting is kind of stopped out of the blue, disapointed? Not really, got my moneys worth 10 times over.. However.

The story wasn't as gut punching as it should have, if there was no deleted content I'd be happy with it, just knowing they cut content gives the "Ending" a bittersweet vibe.

Just wait, Episode 51 and Chapter 3: Peace will happen.

-Foxtrot1220d ago

Nailed it

Lets not forget Big Boss being devolved as a character as he hardly talks or gets involved with the plot to show his fall into "villainy". Instead he just talks on the tapes, most he talks in the actual game is when he's on D-Horse.

Then it goes against Kojimas reasons for getting rid of David Hayter.

So lets get this straight, you want a professional actor for Big Boss so we can get better character development and acting YET he dosen't actually do anything. It then makes it pointless to get rid of Hayter. Blown a shit load of money of Sutherland for him to talk mostly in to cassette tapes. Genius idea /s

So many things are wrong with this game, it's a good game overall and solid but compared to past games and the how solid they are this just feels like a total letdown

Perfect scores and that come from hype, anticipation, Kojimas name and the fact it's MGS on next gen consoles.

Der_Kommandant1220d ago

Richard Doyle should have played Big Boss.

The gameplay is near perfect but i'm so disappointed with the lack of story, cutscenes, boss battles and don't get me started with act 2.

Metal Gear is my favorite franchise of all time and i've played nearly 70 hours into this game but this isn't the sendoff the series deserves.

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SlightlyRetarted1219d ago

Nah, i just think you get some kind of sick satisfaction of downplaying games that other like. There is nothing wrong voicing your negative opinions, but it turns to shitposting when you go after pretty much every article of the game.
Like i didn't like Arkham Knight that much, so i commented few times of facts i didn't like then i left those articles alone. Let the people who like it talk between themselves.

"What's the point of using a comment site like to state the obvious "I love this game" or "This looks fantastic" over and over."

You can talk about games without taking them to extremes.

""But no you keep just shitposting over and over to the articles that are about games you don't like"

Oh you mean what EVERYONE does on here. One of the whole points of commenting sites such as this one."

Commenting sites point is to shitpost about games you don't like? Okay buddy...

mEATgrinder1219d ago

Reading this is like reading a childs mess written from the stuff from its nappy

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coolman2291218d ago

A LOT of reasons.

One of the main reasons the game is bad is because of the really weak story. It was obvious Kojima had this grand vision of trekking across the globe to different locations but all it ended up doing was fragmenting the story. The story itself goes on a retcon spree that basically contradicts literally every other game in the series. Things like Zero and Paramedic being super evil and super sweet and kind Paramedic somehow being the super despicable Dr. Clark who ran cruel experiments on Frank Jaeger. Zero somehow went from a guy who started a top secret black ops group just to keep his promise to Sokolov to a super villain who wanted to rule the world. All without any explanation. Even people like Naomi get retconned all to hell. She goes from being a geneticist to being a super computer hacker and she also invented nanomachines. Those are two completely unrelated fields. Her entire character turns into a weak plot point to move the plot along. Hell what even happened with Mei Ling? She worked for Philanthropy in MGS2 but she barely gets mentioned, then in MGS4 she's the captain of a ship for some reason. There are so many unexplained disconnects the game doesn't bother to explain.

The bosses are the weakest in the series (barring MGS5 because that game barely has boss fights). In a series with Foxhound and the Cobra unit what we get is the B&B Unit. They're all bland with no character whatsoever. They barely have personality, and even with what little they have their beauty forms only have a few minutes of screentime. Their backstories are spoonfed to you by Drebin for no explainable reason, and all of them are copy/pastes of each other. They make for boring characters. Even if we got their backstories from them as they died it would have been better.

The whole story is so bitter. You can feel how much Kojima didn't want to do this game. It's weird cause I feel like Kojima is a creator who's work quality heavily depends on his mood at the moment. When he's feeling good about MGS he produces excellent games. When he's mad about having do to more Metal Gear his games suffer immensely and you can just feel Kojima giving people middle fingers. This happens with every other game. MGS2, 4, and 5 all seem to have this issue. Things like Meryl not being in MGS2 with Snake's catty comments about tomboys. No explanation about what happened to her or what happened between Snake and Meryl (did you like Meryl and her relationship with Snake? Too bad!). Snake is now super old and a complete jerk. He acts so bitter to everyone (even to Meryl, the person who inspired him to live for more than himself). It was like Kojima hated Snake and just wanted to kill him. Which isn't too far from the truth cause the original ending of MGS4 was going to be Snake and Otacon killed via firing squad. So many characters get pissed on in MGS4. EVA comes in for like 20 minutes just to drop an exposition bomb and then dies. Naomi dies because she suddenly has cancer. Otacon and Naomi hook up for some reason and Hal gets to watch Naomi have a prolonged and painful death. Oh and the game tries to act like Vamp is a sympathetic character that we're supposed to care about because Naomi said so. Yeah, no. Not after what he did to Emma.

There's a LOT to talk about with MGS4.

coolman2291218d ago

Oh yeah. The game also lingers on pseudo philosophical rambling for no reason. Characters go on and on and on about nothing relevant (one of the things that led to the bloated cutscenes). EVA goes on a monologue about light and shadow, Ocelot just monologues practically every time he's onscreen. And none of it really matters. When Volgin went on a tirade about the Philosophers it was relevant to the plot. When The Boss explains her scar and the concept of how the times change who your enemies and allies are, that was relevant to the plot, as well as the main them of the game. MGS4 was a whole lot of purple prose that would have been better left on the cutting board.

And what I feel was the biggest flub in the game was the weak use of nanomachines as the end all for all things. Nanomachines were used to explain EVERYTHING. From the B&B Unit, to mind control, to the Guns of the Patriots, to Vamp's supposed immortality, to pretty much everything. It was lazy. It's like the game got allergic to the supernatural except for that cheap cameo of Psycho Mantis where he acts really OOC (come on he turned a new leaf as he died, even saying that helping someone felt good). Overall the game feels like there was minimal effort put into the writing, which is disappointing with the game that ends not only Solid Snake's storyline but also the story overall.

PaleMoonDeath1220d ago

It isn't resolved because main story content is cut, it isn't a theory it's logic.

Come on now, use your head!

ufo8mycat1219d ago

- repetitive side missions
- Africa and then the first mission back in Afghanistan, the only great main missions in the game.
- missions prior to Africa and also part 2 are a snorefest
- revisiting the SAME locations over and over again to do missions
- an open world that is bland and nothing to do outside of the outposts

With the above clear flaws in a game, yet reviews of 9or 9.5/10 show that reviewers are clueless and are scoring it high simply due to hype or $$$ from Konami.

Don't get me wrong, the actual stealth is great, but the gameplay is ruined by the above flaws

GrimmQuiorra1219d ago

The review scores are what get to me the most. I understand that a 10/10 score does not imply that the game is "perfect", but it basically means that the most important parts of the game are damn near flawless.

The gameplay is good. I'll give it that. The story? The characters? ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT. Not even close.

Every time I hear someone talking about this game like it's absolute perfection I have to keep telling myself "People have different opinions. People have different opinions" So I won't lose it.

As someone who LOVED MGS 2 & 3, MGS 5 is a massive disappointment.

Sorry for the rant.

Scatpants1219d ago

I was more disappointed about MGS2 than this game. The whole thing was set on an oil platform and half the game you play as some super lame fruity looking character. If you want to talk about letdowns MGS2 took the crown.

StanLee1219d ago

What get's me is that many of the same publications that gave the game universal praise are now leveling criticism at the game. Reviews set the bar of expectation very high and this has left most disappointed by the game they got. It's not the first time and it won't be the last a game with incredible hype, with extreme polish, from a lauded developer, gets undeserved high praise.

Scatpants1219d ago

I liked Batman and the Witcher more than this game, but I still really MGS5 I don't really care about the story issues, the gameplay is fun, just a little too repetitive. I'd give it around an 8/10

dolphin221219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

My criticisms of the game -- please do not read in case i spoil anything etc if you have not played, sorry in advance i have had a few ales.

The open world is a complete pain in the arse to navigate and
feels empty. Gta games you can literally go anywhere on the map, you see a mountain, you can whizz right up it on a mountain bike or on foot, in MGSV you see a small rock or a pavement, you have to circumvent the bloody thing like Christopher Columbus and pull up the map and go all the way around.

You go to Africa, a place crammed with the most incredible and diverse wildlife in the world. Crumbs i wonder what scary animals we will come up against. Perhaps a croc, a lion, a giraffe, a rhino, a hippo, Aha instead we get some alsation dogs, a mouse, a donkey and a zebra hybrid. The safari Konami animal pack will be available from October for 19.99 including a hamster, ferret and gerbil.

There are no indiginous people in any of the locations to bring the game world to life and repetitive mission structure becomes a chore.

I do not wish to ruffle any feathers and upset anyone but i have played all of Kojima's games and the gameplay is absolutely superb, but the game feels fractured and you can tell that the behind the scenes problems led to an unfinished product.

Here is my most contoversial comment, in my opinion the story is a contrived load of hoary old bullsh!t.

However with my criticisms, i would still score the game a very strong 9.

Name Last Name1219d ago

- What's that? You want to complete every side op on the map in one go?
- Yes. Can I have Pequod carry me from one spot to another on the map?
-LOL sorry bruh get your ass inside a cardboard box to be mailed.

Greysturm1219d ago

Jajaja, MGS2 all over again. Shallow complainers vs overinterpreters.On topic the article makes an interesting point. There are no loose ends we know how everything ends. I sure would like to see how the kingdom of the flies unfolded though.

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