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Stasis wears its influences on its sleeve, references from some of the greatest horror and sci-fi films of the past are scattered throughout the game - Writes Glenn Docherty

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UglyGeezer1124d ago

I do struggle with point and click, this sounds special though.

FrugalDaz1124d ago

What aspects do you struggle with?

CrowbaitBob1124d ago

I have always had difficulty with point and click adventure games. It seems I can always think of about 40 logical ways to solve a puzzle, but none of them coincide with the designer's chosen approach.

Adventure games always strike me as "it makes sense if you know the answer."

freshslicepizza1124d ago

from what i seen it doesn't interest me but the atmosphere looks great. just not a big fan of point and click games but i love the whole space thing going on.

shaenoide1124d ago

25 bucks 4h30 hours gameplay...