Difficulty system in The Phantom Pain explained

For those of you who bought The Phantom Pain, and have been enclosed in your room for the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed that there is no difficulty system in the game. Right? Wrong.

The difficulty system is complex to understand at first, but easy to consider once understood.

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AlphaKennyOne1752d ago

Literally everyone who has played the game knows this.

Mikeyy1752d ago

I didn't know how to get the chicken hat even though I've heard of it. I've only died about twice and I'm about 17% in.

lashes2ashes1752d ago

You just have to die several times in a row. During some of the last skull fights in the game I got really sick of it asking if I wanted to use it every five seconds lol.

achmetha1752d ago

i had no idea about the colors on the minimap. i thought they were just always red

madworld1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

it's freaking frustrated game,what hell is wrong with kojima he wants us suffering from this unreasonable difficulties I am sick of it.

rdgneoz31752d ago

If you're going guns blazing, then it'll be difficult obviously. You're basically alerting the entire base to you being there. If you stealth a little (not full on sprints in plain view) / tranq / snipe with a silencer, you'll tend to not have 30+ people chasing you down. Hell, mission 30 involves infiltrating a castle and you can easily S rank it through stealth / sneaking around.

The only ones suffering are those that try to play it like COD (you can do full on assaults, but it tends to hurt a bit more and kill your score).

Tzuno1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

You know that mission where you need to recover the crippled savant with robot legs? well after failing a lot i just ran with my horse past the gate guard then near the barracks until i reached the big bunker and entered inside, guess what? 0 alert, so yeah um yeah i even kicked a soldier with my horse in that run lol, maybe he died from impact i don't know.

lildudexst1752d ago

Man my mission is getting harder everytime I go on a mission the game like you to smart to fast it only the 16 mission and they already prepare for my ass. Little as they going in with rocket this time fuck the sneaking around this time.