Evil Deeds We've Committed in Video Games

Kelly from GamersFTW says:
Heroism is a big thing in video games. There’s games a plenty where we are given the role of the main protagonist, whose main mission is to save the world from the grasps of evil. But there’s also a little villain in all of us too. Let’s face it, whilst the gaming community can be a loving and welcoming place, we’ve all ‘turned to the dark side’ at some point in the virtual world of games and suddenly unleashing our evilness doesn’t seem all that “bad”. If anything, committing evil deeds could be deemed as highly satisfying.

Here are just some of my favourite evil moments in video games:

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Maple221184d ago

Mwahahaha (evil laugh)! I think it is funny that when given the choice of being good or bad we tend to choose the evil one. Maybe just to see what happens more than anything else

1184d ago
3-4-51184d ago

I usually almost always go good guy route.

c00lvilKid691184d ago

“What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.”

GamerGabs1184d ago

Nice list and some great reminders of good old evil-doing. Dishonored is probably the best example for me, you can take the hard/good option and not kill anyone in the game, or let lose and just destroy everything in your path.

Skellytorx1184d ago

And we all know destruction can lead to hours of fun!

Yukes1184d ago

I didn't know about the baby penguin one! That's....unspeakable!

Skellytorx1184d ago

You should try out some time. You'll feel terrible afterwards.

Yukes1184d ago

Going to crack out the N64 especially ;) Running over hookers in GTA is one thing, but letting baby penguin plunge to his doom? Man, that's cold.

1noobgamer1184d ago

hahahah that list is great!

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The story is too old to be commented.