Have You Played ZombiU?

The great thing about ZombiU is that it can be found very cheaply, especially online. Though it's often reduced on the eShop, it can be picked up for about $10 / £6 with a few web searches, so is even cheaper than a number of new download-only games. For that budget price you get an intriguing, challenging and relatively scary retail title on the Wii U, even if it's no longer eligible for the 'exclusive' tag.

So, that's one affordable entry in the current-gen back-catalogue that's worth considering for those seeking new Wii U and 3DS games over the rest of this year. Let us know which titles you recommend of this type, and we'll be making more suggestions in the weeks to come.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I own it, but I'm not too fond of how it went about things.
I have no issue with the controls, but the gameplay in general is different in a harsh way.
Having your stats reset between survivors, while it makes logical sense since they aren't the same person, is still not a fun thing to put up with unless you're just a fan of games with harsh punishments for any mistakes made.

It also hurts that anything other than Melee and the Bow, which in and of itself is flawed due to leaving you so vulnerable against more than one opponent at a time, is practically useless due to the noise aggroing every zombie within a country mile.XD
You need to be unusually careful when using firearms lest you be overwhelmed by more enemies than you have ammo to take care of.

Honestly, I'd recommend Darksiders II over this, and that's despite DSII missing the last bit of DLC.
It just feels a little more Nintendo-ish than Zombi U does, I guess, but then again, the devs were massive Zelda fans and you can really feel the influence that had on the game.
In a good way.

deafdani1123d ago

Everthing you take issue with, are actually reasons why I love the game.

Different strokes and all of that, but you have to at least aknowledge that the "issues" you mention aren't really issues, just design decisions that you personally don't like. They were intentional.

wonderfulmonkeyman1123d ago

XD Do I need a disclaimer to make it clear that it was just my opinion?
I'm aware there are fans of these kinds of things.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Yes in 2012. Still have it.

Spookshow1123d ago

The game is awesome, visuals could improve a lot, but the gameplay is great.

Not for casuals though.