Bloodborne The Old Hunters - Message From Developers

The stage event of Bllodborne on TGS has ended and the development staff shares information about the game.

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davemyrose921216d ago

My main question is will this be a separate campaign or unlocked thru story, cuz I'm on new game plus in the beginning and unfortunately I'm lacking skill to progress alot further

brisdevil1216d ago

Old Hunters is going to be standalone I guess.

TWB1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Pretty sure its going to be merged into the main game like in the previous games. They are even going to add something extra to the main game so I dont see them making this a separate campaign.

But you need to figure out how to access/unlock the content.

eyeDEVOUR1216d ago

Id almost bet money its merged... One of the vids i watched showed the demo character at level 75 so i feel pretty confident it will be merged. Anyone remember the locked door behind the ball n chain giant? Its the same door thats behind the cleric demon and i bet it'll be used in the dlc to go into timewarp/nightmare mode for that area....

TWB1216d ago

Good point with the levels. The door however... I seriously doubt that. They said that you can usually access the DLC area somewhere around halfway through the game or possibly slightly earlier, not from the beginning.

Then theres also the technical reasons why they probably cant open the door... this is all my speculation but I dont think its too far fetched.

So you have probably noticed how the bridge looks very barren from the Cathedral Ward and how every time you move to a new area in the world you go through a closed area or a tunnel? Thats because the game has to stream new content in real time while you are playing the game. You have probably noticed how long the loading times are? You can have a guess how much data they are going through while loading...

Also consider how much of the Central Yaharnam you can see from the ward and how long and small the passage between Oedons Tomb's and Cathedral Wards is? Thats partly due to how much data they have to unload and transfer between those two areas.

The tunnel/passage between the bridge and ward is simply too short. If they were to open it and instruct the game to load new data when you pass through, you would experience massive geometry pop-in. It can already happen in a place or two if you are super quick.

Now the door kinda functions as a lore point.

If the DLC works in similar or identical way as it did in the previous games, you would need a special item somewhere that unlocks the DLC (similar to Cainhurst Castle summon which apparently was also planned as a DLC before the release IIRC)

My guess is: you need to retrieve something from the Byrgenwerth floor hatch. Its around halfway through the game and since they have said that the DLC will expand on the lore and the story, Byrgenwerth sounds like a great place to start.

sonerone1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Or they can just put a new area which connects the 2 doors

TWB1216d ago

Impossible. If you are talking about the Bridge/Ward door, you should know that they are physically the same door.

sonerone1216d ago

@twb: like in a digital world something is impossible :)

majedx91216d ago

no it won't be separate campaign it's in the middle of the game Developers said,i think after rom the spider fight "the red moon showing up"

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sonerone1216d ago

If i need to play trough the whole campaign of bloodborne again for this... Let's be it :):)