Fallout 4: Bethesda Explains Why Fallout 3 Is Not Coming To PS4, New Details On Settlement And More

Hines rightfully laid the inclusion of Fallout 3 on the Xbox One at the feet of Microsoft.

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MCTJim1541d ago

And there you have it, backwards compatibility has its merits.

ArchangelMike1541d ago

Yeah, but the multitudes who are buyimg the PS4 don't seem to care, so....

Bigpappy1541d ago

It isn't and shouldn't be a deal barker, but I am sure there are some PS4 gamers who wouldn't mind having it included.

Aces171541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Literally any exclusive or feature that doesn't come to PS4 Sony fanboys claim they don't care about it. Because they have to try to downplay anything good that isn't on PS4.

nucky641541d ago

aces17 - I never played it on ps3 - why would I care if it came to ps4?

raggy-rocket1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Do you realise that if you don't care, that does not mean it's not still a benefit. E.g I don't care about resolution, but if it's higher on PS4, no doubt you'd say it was a benefit no?

_-EDMIX-_1541d ago

@Bigpappy- yes..because owning a PS4 means you can't own a PS3 or 360..../s

Spectre_StatusN71541d ago


Saying you don't care about something is not downplaying it for people that do. If you like Xbox games and backwards compatibility that's great for you. Obviously PS fans do not care, otherwise we would be getting Xbox One's.

DragonKnight1541d ago

I want to know why people who consider themselves gamers do not own an Xbox 360 if they care about playing Xbox 360 games. And who has Xbox 360 games to play, but not an Xbox 360? I ask because BC really isn't some godsend feature to anyone who actually cares about gaming. I mean, there is no real reason to be rid of the previous gen console just because a new console comes out, and if you use a previous console to pay for a new console, then you do so understanding that the likelihood you'll be playing those old games again (assuming you didn't also use them to buy the new console) is likely zero.

I have a PS4. I also have a PS3. The only way BC would benefit me on PS4 is if it allowed me to play PS3 games I don't and never will own.

So the way that it looks like when it comes to BC is either it's fans who are happy about it even though they already own an Xbox 360 and don't at all need the feature (really just happy because of convenience more than anything else, and really it's not any less convenient to keep your 360 hooked up and switch between inputs). Or it's fans who are happy about it and don't own an Xbox 360, which still begs the question of why do you have games for a console you don't own anymore? No one could have predicted that the Xbox One would eventually have BC, especially since MS were consistently saying they wouldn't implement it until they actually did. Sooooo, explain that please.

r2oB1541d ago

@ dragon knight

To be fair, BC on XB1 can be practical for XB1 gamers who only had a PS3 last Gen and may want to play certain games (or gamers that didn't have either console last gen). For example, if a gamer never had an Xbox 360 and now has a XB1, they can play all the Gears games and catch up with the story before playing Gears 4.

I think BC is like Remaster, where they target a specific demographic. They both have pros and cons. BC is free, but you are playing a outdated game (although you do get to use the features of XB1). Remasters cost money since you are paying an updated version of the game (and they can come as compilations).

BC is a nice feature with good benefits, especially at no cost (even if only through emulation). I do not think it's as big a deal as some people try to make it out to be. I also don't think it's as meaningless as others try to make it out to be. I rarely used BC on my PS3, and I do not think I will use BC much, if at all, on my XB1 (probably because I have a 360 and all the BC compatible games I'm interested in I've already played). But there are many people not in the same position and BC may benefit them. As long as it doesn't interfere with current progress, I see no issue with BC.

DragonKnight1541d ago

@r2oB: But at that point you'd have to buy the old Gears games to make use of the BC, meaning that the BC is no better a feature than remasters on PS4 are, in fact remasters are better because you get more. So again, it really seems like BC is not as great a feature as some would claim.

1541d ago
SatanicEyeJesus1541d ago

Wow XOne can play old games. That's really awesome. /s

Army_of_Darkness1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

It's just the same last gen version of Fallout 3 that's BC on the xbone LOL! woopie.
If it was a fully remastered version however, that would be a different story.

KiwiViper851541d ago

There are many reasons why BC is beneficial.

But there is only one reason why someone would say it's not...

badz1491541d ago

Xbox fanboys last gen;

PS3 offer a lot more exclusives. Meh...

PS3 offer cross buy with Vita. Meh...

PS+ give free games every month.!

XBL price hike to $60. Totally worth it!

Frequent PS3 updates. CRAP!

Xbox games have slightly higher res. AWESOME!

Xbox has CoD deals. AWESOME!

----------------------------- ---------------------
Xbox fanboys this gen;

PS4 remote play with Vita, PSTV and any android. Meh...

PS4 Share Play. Meh...

900p vs 1080p. You can't tell the difference anyway!

Sony CoD deal. Meh...CoD is crap anyway!

Xbox frequent updates. AWESOME!

XBOX1 has exclusives! AWESOME!

Games for XBLG. AWESOME! Who cares if they are rental?

Game stream to Win10. AWESOME!

BC. AWESOME! Whatever happen to "we buy new console to play new games" thing? I wonder...

susuFOX1541d ago

@Aces17 or maybe we bought a PS4 to play next-gen games and not last game gen.
If I wanted to play F3 I would hook up my PS3, but since I bought my new console I don't use the old one anymore.

Tzuno1540d ago

PS3 is still a amazing console, shame.

spoonard1540d ago

Exactly. I didn't buy a PS4 so I could play last-gen games on it. That's why I kept my PS3 and 360.

peshkavusCA1540d ago

I didn't buy PS4 for the previous gen games but I would love to have Fallout 3 for it :)

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neocores1541d ago

Why would i want fallout3? On my ps4 i enjoyed it but now i was to play 4 not 4

raggy-rocket1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

It's all about the proof reading

divinealpha1541d ago

Dude I hope English isn't your primary language.

Salooh1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Not only English. Numbers too ! >.<

I hope he uses another method to calculate because he sucks at it lol

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DigitalRaptor1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

It does, but there are too many new games coming out around this time for me to drown in the Fallout 3, and then do the same again in Fallout 4.

The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne are already 2 RPGs that are ridiculously time consuming. You've got to include more to a barebones last-gen game for me to want to prioritise it over new games I'm excited about. Fallout 3 can join the long list of last-gen games I would like to play again, but simply don't have time to prioritise over new games.

And as much as the Xbox guys celebrated BC reveal at Gamescom as some kind of moonshot, or a reason Xbox is "winning", the sales don't seem to be indicating that it's that bothersome to most to not be able to play old games on new hardware.

Rookie_Monster1541d ago

SO because the BC option is not available on PS4 and is on XB1, why try to downplay it when it is a nice option? What does sales or how some PS4 gamers feel about it got anything to do with it?

What if people that have never play games like Fallout 3 or Just Cause 2, or one of the Gears game or they had played a portion of it and want to continue playing it and complete it and they can do so at no additional cost? If Sony would somehow allow PS4 owners that owned the disc or digital PS3 ttiles to stream them free over PS Now on PS4 for free, is that also not a good extra incentive to have?

DragonKnight1541d ago

@Rookie: Who is the option for? Not for Xbox One owners with a 360, and not for Xbox One owners without a 360. You're saying, why not?

With a 360 you don't need BC.

Without a 360 why do you have 360 games in order to play using BC?

So yeah, it's a nice option, but it's really only for those people who thought of selling their 360 for an Xbox One and hoped later to buy another 360 when they had the money, which is unlikely since they'd probably use that money to buy new games instead.

Volkama1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Really don't get the argument against BC.

I have a 360. I have many 360 games, and there are countless more that I have never played including several that I would like to. My 360 has a 20GB hard drive, of which up to 13GB is usable. I can have 1 digital game on there at a push. It is also a fairly noisy bit of hardware, and 360 controllers actually feel quite clumsy after using the One controller and DS4.

Now I can put my 360 away somewhere (space is a precious commodity so that alone is worth something) and still play 360 games. I can buy them for a pittance off the xbox store, or I can benefit from bonus inclusions like Just Cause 2. The feature costs me approximately 0 pence, so I fail to see how people try and spin it as a negative.

Personally I've never used Share Play on the PS4, but you wouldn't have seen me in Share Play articles trying to persuade people that it isn't a worthwhile feature.

Anyway, aren't there supposed to be about 50million Xbox 360s that got the RRoD? That's an audience for BC right there ;)

DragonKnight1541d ago

@Volkama: Your comparison is terrible. Share Play is a new (for consoles anyway) and unique feature to PS4. Without a PS4 you can't use it. Without an Xbox One, you can still play Xbox 360 games if you have an Xbox 360. You just used the typical "space" argument as a plus for BC when it's really not.

Also, you can't just play any 360 game you want on Xbox One. You have to own it and it has to be compatible, so this "I can play games I never had before" idea isn't exactly accurate.

Rookie_Monster1541d ago

Hey dragonknight, nice to see you again. :D

Anyways, you said "Who is the option for? Not for Xbox One owners with a 360, and not for Xbox One owners without a 360. You're saying, why not?"

Who is it for? It is for gamers like you and I like you had already stated, so why are you asking me for something you already knew and said it before?

DragonKnight 95d ago
"BC is a big deal. It is NOT the wrong move to make. When you are charging for something your competitor is not, restricted or otherwise, you'd better have a damn better excuse than "well you don't need a PS4 to use PSNow." 

Gamers are the ones who'd care about BC, not your average tv or smartphone user. And since we do, we would own the console to begin with. MS knew this and accommodated for it. Sony hasn't."

DragonKnight 37d ago
"Honestly most companies seem to underrate the value in BC and MS was initially one of those companies, but they decided to turn that opinion around and listen to what their userbase was asking for and they should be commended for it."

So probably your next reply to me is "where did you hear me say that!?" Excuses like you always tend to pull whenever you are on the wrong. But good that you are replying again, DK. LOL

1541d ago
Rhythmattic1541d ago

Perfectly put. +1

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scientificreasoning1541d ago

Yeah it does but in the grand scheme of things people dont buy consoles 3 years into a new gen to play old games...MS fanboys who think this is going to turn things around are dilusional.

lastking951541d ago

Stop getting in your feeling no one said that, people are happy to play 360 on their xbox one simple as that. #1 most requested feature on xbox one.

showtimefolks1541d ago

unless they were giving fallout 3 and new Vegas a HD remaster, i don't care much

i want fallout 4 and please don't do any crap about one console having expansions first

i would love to know how many of you touting BC for xbox one actually care and how many of you actually tout about the feature because one console has it and another doesn't

KiwiViper851541d ago

"i would love to know how many of you touting BC for xbox one actually care and how many of you actually tout about the feature because one console has it and another doesn't."

But this is also the only reason why someone would try to downplay it...

showtimefolks1541d ago


more power to those looking to play fallout 3 again. I got absolutely no problem. All i said is i am looking forward to fallout 4 and that all gamers on ps4, xbox one and pc to get the expansion at the same time

but i stand by my original comment how many people actually will use the feature and how many are just making it a bigger thing than anything is those who may never use it

i been gaming for 26 years and gamers are always like that. one console gets something exclusive and all of the sudden its the only thing that matters. if t does come to the other console or consoles than it wasn't that big of a deal

n4rc1540d ago

"i would love to know how many of you touting BC for xbox one actually care and how many of you actually tout about the feature because one console has it and another doesn't"

welcome to the console war.. that statement applies to everything both systems have.

ive even heard people playing up the share button as an innovation, its come to that... lol

alabtrosMyster1541d ago

Yes, but this is not "coming to xbox one" as a proper xbox one title... I mean, it will run much like on an old xbox 360, is this why you got this shiny new machine?

They can say, hey you have this option to play the old version of the game, but don't act like this is what people want, I certainly would not bother... especially not the PS3 version, sub 720p, sub 30fps and buggy as hell! no thanks (the 360 version is better, but still no cigar).

Cuzzo631541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Or maybe fannies such as yourself wants the Sony club to feel some type of way about it... We still FO4. Y should we be upset??? The its just a BC game. Not even hardly an upgrade

Personally i think its a good look for XB1. We have alot of Remasters and remakes on PS4. We all get to play FO4

testerg351541d ago

Weird that PS Now is was considered so great when first introduced, but somehow BC isn't good.

Str8Chaos741541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Righ? And you get to pay more for PS Now, which is garbage.

PudgeyBurrito1541d ago

Meh, Bought a PS4 to play current gen games. The fact that a game isn't making it to PS4 from 7 years ago that I can play on many other platforms and probably best played on PC isn't really a biggy. You can say down playing all you want. But I don't need to replay a game I beat that long ago again when the newest iteration is coming out in 2 months. Man, The amount of things BC is adding up to is playing old games and fallout 3? I dunno, kinda disappointing considering again, most people buy new consoles for new games. Even Phil said.. himself. Only a very small percentage of people use bc anyway.

OB1Biker1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I agree. The only way I play old games on new gen console is if they are remastered (look and play better than last gen). To be honest I often use my PS3 and keep downloading PS+ games on it but I dont see the point of playing PS3 games on a PS4 specially when most people need more time and more space on their HD to play new gen games which is the point of buying a new gen console.
As for Fallout 3 the best way/time for people who want to play it is probably now while waiting for Fallout 4...
Its cool for people who are interested though.

nitus101540d ago

I would go as far to say that many people who owned a PS3 and purchased a PS4 have kept their original PS3. Similarly those who originally owned an Xbox360.

Of course backwards compatibility would have been a system seller on launch but now a quarter if the way through this console generation not so much

yellowgerbil1540d ago

As I have the Anthology preordered I couldn't care about getting FO3 on PS4. Just over a week to go :)
But for those that don't I don't see it as a problem as everyone should have at least one last gen console and it was available for both. Can't understand why anyone would get rid of their old when you are constantly getting free content through PS+ every month. I will never buy another last gen game but sure want those 24 free games each year that come with my online play and games for my PS4

Malacath1540d ago


BC benefits Xbox one owners whether you owned a 360 or not.

Games with gold titles will be backwards compatible so even xbox one owners who never owned a 360 will be able to play 360 games without having to buy any.

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WeAreLegion1541d ago

I just wish I could play it for more than ten minutes on my PC without it crashing.

luckytrouble1540d ago

There is actually a fairly simple fix to keep the game from frequently crashing, since Fallout 3 is pretty disagreeable with most modern hardware unless you make an ini file tweak. I went from crashes every time I moved left just a little too quickly to only crashing from a genuine bug and not just the game being a hulking pile of manure. A quick Google should find the fix.

WeAreLegion1540d ago

Already tried it. I really appreciate the help though!

Rookie_Monster1541d ago

Because PS4 has no BC option? Gamingbolt, why write a piece that is obvious.

NeoGamer2321540d ago

I agree with your comment completely 110%...

But, to answer your question, it is probably a spite piece for all the 1080p (PS4) vs 900p (X1) articles that always come out.

Everyone knows that X1 has a lower resolution on many games and everyone knows that PS4 does not have backwards compatibility. But, so called gaming journalists seem to think it is important to keep reminding the world.

Frankly, these so called gaming journalists are just fanboys disguised as media. Ridiculous, immature, and stupid really.

OB1Biker1540d ago

Because its another opportunity to have fanboy wars raging in the comments.. Gaminbolt is good at it

psplova1541d ago

Good thing I have it on my 360 then.. Just started playing it a few weeks ago actually.. Trying to get thru it before 4 comes out!

jokerisalive1541d ago

A perk for getting it on XB1 I guess. Seems cool.