Pro Evolution Soccer - Juventus versus A.S. Roma - Full Match + 4K Resolution Screenshots

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is now available on the PC, and below you can view a full match as well as a number of 4K resolution screenshots.

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Papafynn1125d ago

"Agree" anyone watching this on a 4K monitor/TV.
"Disagree" anyone watching this at a lower resolution.

UKmilitia1125d ago

the thing is its been shown that it looks loads better on a ps4 due to textures being crap etc in many places.
cant find the post but players faces etc just dont look as good on pc as they do console

KingPin1125d ago

random question for the PES gamers. i been searching the web with no success at all. hope someone here can help.

aside from graphics, is there a huge difference between PS3 and PS4 versions of the game with respect to gameplay?
is pes2016 on PS3 = pes15 with a roster update?

p.s people telling me to get a new console (which i have) and ditch last gen, please dont bother replying as i would consider that irrelevant to the question asked.

iceman061124d ago

Sorry, I can't help with the PS3 comparison. (so why did I post? LOL) But, the transition from PES 15 to 16 on PS4 is a pretty nice leap. The physics have been tweaked to better represent one on one duels for the ball. The animations have been smoothed out and moving from one to the next is way more fluid. It's a much faster game (in reaction time between button presses) allowing for way better control. Even the close control of players (those little touches that PES players love) have been improved. AI runs are smarter (for the most part) I've seen players make a vertical run, then change it to a trimmed lateral run to exploit another passing avenue. Shooting looks better (animation-wise) and it's easier to hit low shots.
IF any (or all) of these features are in this years PS3 version, it would be a considerable upgrade.
As an aside, they made importing on the PS4 MUCH easier. You don't have to copy one file at a time. You select the entire folder and import. Then, just select the team that you want to paste them on. It's great!!!

KingPin1124d ago


thanks for the reply. i have seen some of those features you spoke about and i agree it is a huge improvement on the ps4 side, however not much, if anything is being said about the ps3 version. i think gaming sites need to focus on the games over different gens when doing a review. or at least make two seperate reviews.

i say this because FIFA 16 on PS3 may be better than PES 2016 however PES 2016 on PS4 may be better than FIFA 16. so its hard to say PES is the better game or vice versa, gamers should go buy that one.

i guess il just have to gamble, worst case is its a roster update. the downside is, if i do that and then buy FIFA 16 on ps3, it could be a roster update as well because nobody is reviewing last gen games. all we get is graphics comparisons which are about as useful a piece of ice in the north pole coz it tells us that this gen has prettier graphics, which is no surprise.

iceman061124d ago

No problem. You might be right, as sometimes there are major differences between the console versions (PS3 to PS4) Good luck!

5yb5n6u1124d ago

4k resolution of a downgraded port