Fancy a laugh? The BBC's 'factual drama' about GTA is online now

Dealspwn: The BBC recently aired a film of theirs called The Gamechangers. This 'factual drama' aimed to tell the story about Grand Theft Auto and the controversy surrounding the series around the release of San Andreas. Daniel Radcliffe starred as one of the game's creators, Sam Houser, and Bill Paxton played the infamous Jack Thompson, the lawyer hellbent on suing Rockstar and destroying the game.

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djplonker3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Why do I get the feeling this is filmed in england with mostly english actors... Despite the fact that the game is scottish, typical bbc.

Immorals3168d ago

Makes a change from Americans (badly) playing British people!

TheSaint3167d ago

Houser is English, at least learn about what you're trying to sound smart about.

djplonker3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )


Oh would you look at that..
Creator of the grand theft auto series david jones and oh what do you know he is scottish.

Also sam houser is american


TheSaint3166d ago


Dan Houser (born 1974) is an English[2] video game producer

It's like you think I don't have access to the internet.


Dan Houser (born May 24, 1974 in London, England)

djplonker3166d ago

Yes and he isnt even the creator of gta you fanny...

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DarkOcelet3168d ago

I am watching it right now. Not bad, i am just here for Daniel Radcliffe though.

superterabyte3168d ago

May not be the greatest 'documentary' however props to the beeb for making a gaming related documentary in the first place it's quite rare (in the UK at least) that a gaming related documentary makes it into 'mainstream' television. Here's to more and better gaming docs in the future.

Scatpants3168d ago

I don't understand how they got Harry Potter to do this movie.

Baka-akaB3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Possibly blackmail ? Or bad taste , despites showing some taste , initially with stuff like "A Young Doctor's Notebook" when it comes to tv ?

Scatpants3168d ago

Maybe he just really likes GTA.

Baka-akaB3168d ago

You'd think a fan runs away from mediocre stuff like that lol


Ex-Rockstar Dev Finally Explains Why Small Planes Randomly Crashed in GTA San Andreas

Former Rockstar Games Technical Director Obbe Vermeij has finally revealed why some planes would randomly crash in GTA: San Andreas.

Profchaos47d ago

This fly by feature was on the cutting room floor due to the random plane crashes and it's one of those things I'm so thankful made it into the final version as these random fly by and crashes make the world seem more alive on the extremely limited PS2 hardware you needed everything you could possibly get in a open world to convey that feeling.

And accross hundreds of hours of gameplay I probably died around 3 times as a result of these fly by failures but I loved every time it happened

isarai47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

It made the world feel more human, and honestly kinda insane that even today with all these open world games, almost no one can capture that like R* even when compared to their ps2 games

Skuletor46d ago

Lol, I remember those. I vaguely remember dying from one crashing into my car once too.


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