Jolt Editorial: Doom 4 and the state of PC gaming

Colin J Barnwell writes:

''So, Doom 4 has been announced. Sort of. It may not even be called that (confirmed: it won't), but id would certainly like you to think that it's going to be awesome. In fact, according to John Carmack, it will be several times more awesome on PC than on consoles. Or several times as good looking, anyway, implying that the game will probably be another two years away, when enough powerful PC systems exist to back up that claim.

Perhaps he hasn't noticed the system's falling favour of late. At this rate Doom 4 is going to be the only game worth upgrading for in a couple of year's time, and it won't even be a PC exclusive. In any case, the way I see it, the game can only go down one of two routes: follow on from Doom 3, or serve as a remake of Doom/Doom 2 in the same way that Quake 4 was a remake of Quake 2. Since it has also now been confirmed that this isn't a continuation of the previous release, the latter option is looking quite likely.

I for one would honest-to-goodness like to see Doom 4 as a fast-paced arcadey corridor shooter with reams of strategically placed monsters to carve through. A time was when everyone was sick of games like this – mainly because they got the balance and pacing wrong – but now I find myself turning to the original Doom games on semi-frequent occasions because quite simply nothing else like them exists anymore.''

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