Get Yer Free Destiny Coins Today

Black Phosphor:
Today is international “talk like a pirate day” and Destiny is celebrating. Travel over to the Destiny Code Redemption website to get yer 3 free Destiny Strange Coins. One would assume this is a one day offer and will end at midnight tonight.

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Doodleburger1126d ago

Doesn't work for me. The code was accepted, and i was told to check the postmaster, but nothing shows up. Could've used those to help farm more exotics!

ChronoJoe1125d ago

It took a few hours before my coins appeared at the post master.

ninsigma1126d ago

Is this working for people still?? The article was written yesterday but was only put up on n4g 3 hours ago.

GusBricker1126d ago

Just did it about 5 minutes ago and the coins were at the postmaster.

ninsigma1126d ago

Just tried it and it still works. Cheers mate!

Relientk771126d ago

Worked for me. Go to the redeem code thing on the Bungie site after you signed in

The code is: ARR-RRR-RRR

RJ920091126d ago

I've still waiting for mine :(

ninsigma1126d ago

Try enter it again, maybe it was entered wrong??
It should be instant. It's as Reliant above posted.

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