3 Games That Almost Made Me Quit Gaming

EB: We’re living in a Golden Age of gaming, there is no denying that. In the last few years I’ve seen projects come out that I never thought we’d get. Whether it’s the re-emergence of Space Games, the amazing open worlds, or the unique visions of Indie developers, there has never been a better time to be a gamer.

However, for every glittering metropolis there is always a seedy underbelly and sometimes one wrong turn can leave you in the bad part of town. Here are three games that mugged me and left me bleeding in the backstreets of gaming culture.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1177d ago

Pretty sure Colonial Marines would make everyone's games that made me want to quit list.

IaMs121176d ago

Right. How much is it to ask for a decent FPS Aliens shootem up game with coop set in same amazing atmosphere environments. It would sell like hotcakes!

Farsendor11177d ago

I didn't get a good experience from Half Life 2 either. The game to me just felt old.

I played it a few years later but gosh I don't remember it too fondly like a lot of other people do.

Irishguy951177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I played it multiple times and recognize what makes it great. Theres so much games to that one game

Heyxyz1177d ago

I agree...(please don't kill me), I came to the HL2 party later than most, and to me it felt like one of those $5 unity ripoff games on steam.

On another note, I do recognize why HL2 was great. In 2004 that game was definitely ahead of its time in the best of ways.

shloobmm31177d ago

I think it was Mech Assault 2 that introduced getting out of the mech. Not Mech Assault 1.

VikingGamerUK1177d ago

I'm willing to accept it might have been, either way it was still just awful so I'm gonna throw the whole series under the bus here

shloobmm31177d ago

I only brought it up because you singled out Half Life 2 specifically and the first Mech Assault was amazing.

goathouse7741177d ago

Even coming to it late, like this guy did, I found HL 2 pretty damn good. It's got very mature pacing and there's a certain majesty to the desolate roadways and swaying power lines between objectives.

JamesBroski1177d ago

wtf with all the disagrees? Stupid website that penalizes people for sharing their opinions...

Summons751177d ago

Mechassualt was awesome, you can go to bed! Alien CM sure, that's pretty bad. Half-Life 2 wasn't that bad and maybe it's because it's been so long since my first play through or the fact we may never see half-life 3 but I'm starting to feel it wasn't as great as I originally thought. It's still a very fun game though.

Vampire Rain should be on your list...had a friend bring that over and told me to play and BOY did I want to punch him in the face (he's my roommate now with his wife).

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