8 Questions We Have About Mariah Carey's 'Game of War' Commercial

ET writes: "You probably know Game of War: Fire Age from its omnipresent ads starring Kate Upton as some sort of sexy Braveheart. It makes sense: Teenage boys play video games and teenage boys love Kate Upton.

Now, the Elusive Chanteuse has taken over the mantle and TMZ debuted her commercial, which has Mariah fighting dragons while her 1993 ballad “Hero” plays in the background.

It’s exactly as insane as it sounds. And we have some questions."

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Sniperwithacause1539d ago

Got to love green screens.
The other day when I seen it on t.v., I couldn't do anything but laugh at the poor attempt.

81BX1539d ago

Is it wrong to find her still hot?

cfc781539d ago

To much plastic for my taste but each to their own.

SolidGear31539d ago

Heh, I remember when she was early 20's

81BX1539d ago

Same, maybe when i look at her that's what i see in my mind. Lol

Sniperwithacause1539d ago

That Christmas music video of her back in the early 90s was when she was nicccce

2pacalypsenow1539d ago

Man what a downgrade from Kate upton

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