Gearbox's Battleborn Technical Test Sign Ups Now Live For PS4, Xbox One & PC

Battleborn is a great looking new first person ‘hero shooter’ from Gearbox Software (creators of the Borderlands series) that blends fast, fluid FPS gameplay with MOBA-esque features such as in-match levelling and 25 diverse playable characters.

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heedstone3190d ago

Even though I'm soooo over MOBAs I'm quite intrigued by this new wave of MOBA Shooters.

showtimefolks3190d ago

Alien game mess up is what he is very likely talking about.

1nsomniac3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

It's Gearbox. if you give these disgusting devs even the time of day then more fool you. That's in regards to all their games & their crooked behaviour in the industry behind closed doors. Scum bags the lot of them.

Well I take that back, maybe not all but certainly Randy.

fenome3190d ago

Yeah, but they did such a good job with borderlands I'm willing to try this

KwietStorm_BLM3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I honestly have no idea what you're talking about with 'all their games' and this crooked behavior. I've always enjoyed Gearbox games, for years. Colonial Marines was obviously poo, but I'm lost with what you're getting at. And what does more fool you mean?

Excalibur3190d ago

A sillier, cartoony-er version of Borderlands, pass.

Ricegum3190d ago

This is the reason I'm picking this up.

Skate-AK3190d ago

It won't let me sign into Shift for whatever reason. Keeps telling me my password is wrong. I even reset it in case I was typing it wrong but it still isn't letting me log in.


Battleborn Was Finally Put Out of Misery This Past Weekend; It Deserved Way Better

Ed writes: This past weekend, Battleborn was finally shut down by Gearbox and 2K. Let's look back at a game that deserved a lot better.

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Christopher1227d ago

It at least deserved them moving it to a solo-able option post server shut-down, IMHO.

EdMcGlone1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Agreed, that would have been the fair and decent thing to do.


Battleborn is Dead - The Need for Game Preservation in the Next Generation

William writes: "Battleborn was not the game I wanted it to be, it probably wasn't the game a number of you reading wanted it to be. But what it undeniably was was a game that a team of hundreds of people poured their hearts and souls into."

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RaidenBlack1227d ago

Game preservation is important.
Single-player campaign should always be offline. So that some part(s) of a certain game still lives through and can be enjoyed later.

moriarty18891227d ago

Always Online games will always end up like this at some point. Offline SP campaign should ALWAYS be included.

BlackDoomAx1226d ago

Thinking that games ( and in particular this one ) will forever be lost, it makes me sad.


So Long Battleborn, And Thanks For All The Fish: A Retrospective

Battleborn will shut down on the 31st of January 2021, so let's revisit its ill-fated history and discuss its surreal departure.

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BlackDoomAx1234d ago

One of the funnier game i played with my friends. I like that one of the reason it failed is that it had many reviews like the one you did; criticizing the gameplay because it's 'too complex': because it had a skill tree and because there was different classes... My personal analysis of its failure is beacause of the Blizzard PR team: they saw a threat in it , and decided to kill it by paying professional reviews and counting on their fanboys to bash it and create a fake 'comparaison war' with it. The saddest thing is that this game will disappear forever. It casts, as others in the same situtation, a dark shadow on the future of video gaming. Hopefully there are and still will be 'pirates' to save and archive these for the future generations, that i hope will someday realize that consumerism is not the only solution.

1234d ago