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Josh from Controller Crusade writes "The NBA season is fast approaching, and along with it comes a new pair of basketball games fighting for the top spot. In recent years the NBA 2K series has gained considerable ground on the once dominant NBA Live franchise, but will this be the year that Live becomes top dog once again? Well, if the demo is any indication of what’s to come the answer is a definite No."

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BQ321540d ago

I don't get where this hate stems from. This is a completely B.S. and inaccurate article. The demo is actually very good, especially Pro-Am mode which you made no mention of. The graphics are fantastic with players such as Lebron, Kyrie, and Westbrook almost eerily looking like themselves so your part about the avatar thing is just a straight up lie.
It is a demo and weird glitches happen in every game. Just because you caught one one time is not an indication of the game's gameplay. I have played this demo a ton and have never seen anything like that. Pretty sure I wouldn't have to worry about it in the retail version.
Stop lying, actually play the game and break down it's strengths and weakness instead of going into it looking for a reason to bash. What a hack.

iceman061540d ago

While I will agree that the demo was fun, I can't really say that it's that great of a reflection of the sport itself. It's pretty bare-bones in terms of control. The graphics are excellent. Actually, they might edge out 2K or at least rival them. The Pro-Am mode is fun, too. (where I spent about 4 hours) I like the challenge of trying to go it alone, with the team that they give you. It makes it that much harder to accomplish the goals that they have for you. That brings me to an issue I have with the accuracy of the goals. Sometimes they just don't recognize what you are doing. Sometimes they give you credit for things that you really didn't do.
Overall, the controls feel a bit sluggish and the animations are a bit stiff. It is FAR better than the last Live game. But, it's still not there yet in terms of being great. It's a fun time for sure. But, it's frustrating because it could actually be a really good game with some polish. (I have had about 5 or 6 glitches with ball warping and stuff...but it's not on the level of the Christ Bynum glitch of the past! LOL)

objdadon1540d ago

All I know is that the pro am mode is fun as hell! Even playing with and against the cpu or with or against other players. It's not on nba 2k's level yet but it also doesn't have a lot of the cheeses that 2k has either. I'm buying 2k for my son but I'm gonna go ahead and roll with live 16 this time around. I'm having a lot of fun and my player actually looks just like me!

BQ321540d ago

I feel you man, in the same boat. I will have 2k as well but I'm pretty sure that Pro-Am where I am going to be at all winter. Everyone thinks 2k is so realistic but as basketball purist the multiplayer is just one big pile of cheese year in and out. Skillful cheese players will always beat skillful sim players in that game. Every year I hope it will be different but there is just another level of cheese around the corner.

Vasto1540d ago

I enjoyed the demo alot. It looks great and the controls are fluid. Live is back baby!