Uncharted Rip-off Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta Episode 2 Confirmed

Chris Mawson writes: "It has been widely regarded as one of the worst games of all time, but that’s not stopping Saudi Arabian developer Semaphore from ploughing ahead with episode two in its Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta saga."

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Dark_Overlord2434d ago

I think I paid about 50p for it, despite the game being pretty bad (even for ps2 standards), the glitches were hilarious, I had fun with it :)

Vitalogy2434d ago

I think sony shouldn't even allow this on the Store.

freshslicepizza2434d ago

i think they should leave it up because what it does is show how much better naughty dog are

Lamboomington2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

not allow it ? why lol

traumadisaster2434d ago

Guess you've never been in the thick of it, knee pads can make you so much more effective my friend.

Roaddhogg2434d ago

Considering the game is cross-platform, why wouldn't it be?

raggy-rocket2434d ago

Because it didn't come out on Xbox

Roaddhogg2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Episode 2 is planned for Xbox One, as stated in the article.

Protagonist2434d ago

Just learned about this game, and watched a couple of YT videos of the "first one". Wish I never did, this is probably one of the worst games, I have ever seen!

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The story is too old to be commented.