10° Reviews: Arkanoid DS

Joel Evans writes:

I'm a huge retro gaming fan, which is why I jumped at the chance to give the latest incarnation of Arkanoid, a classic game originally released back in 1986, a spin.

The new Arkanoid for DS features five game modes, including the ability to play against friends via Wi-Fi, playing versus the computer, and more.

The basic gameplay of the original is still intact, as is the story line, which is revealed to the player the longer she plays. However, Square Enix has infused this new version of Arkanoid with more addictive gameplay and a solid soundtrack to keep you playing for hours. For example, you can play against the computer in VS COM mode, where you race against the computer to complete a randomly selected board. It's not your standard "sharing screen" style versus mode, and instead features the computer's screen in a small window on your screen, which is just large enough to let you see how far along the computer is without distracting you from your game.

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