Mighty No. 9 Has Turned into a Shameful Abomination

I'm convinced Inafune's terrible hairstyle should take some of the blame.

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Doodleburger1539d ago

Well not yet, fully anyway. It hasn't released yet.

UnHoly_One1539d ago

Kickstarter is the worst.

Seriously people, donate to charity if you want to give money away.

RpgSama1539d ago

It's a gamble, but games like Divinity: Original Sin, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, Pillars of eternity, Broken Age, Massive Chalice, The Banner Saga, Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse, Shovel Knight, FTL: Faster Than Light, Republique, Mercenary King, just of the top of my head beg to differ.

One-Shot1539d ago

Backed Dreamfall Chapters and been very satisfied so don't generalize.

UnHoly_One1539d ago

Not a single one of those games has a tiny bit of appeal to me, and I'm down about 800 bucks on failed Kickstarter projects, so I think I'll just go on disliking it. ;)

zidane13411538d ago

@unholyone: sounds like a personal problem. Massive Chalice is the only one I really liked from the list, but your totally ignoring the point and trying to generalize, and failing horribly at it.

UnHoly_One1538d ago

I'm not really generalizing.

Look it up, last I checked something like 2/3 of game Kickstarters failed to deliver.

The ones that actually delivered on time can probably be counted on one hand.

I just think Kickstarter is a scam.

One-Shot1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Sounds like a judgement problem. Good rule of thumb, back a company with experience. And not kickstarters fault the successful ones don't interest you.

Also unless you have a lot of extra fingers rpgsama named a bunch. So no you can't count them on one hand.

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RedTriangle531539d ago

I'll assume that most people reading this article will think it's some bullshit from someone who invested a little too much and was a bit too hyped up. I thought so, at least.

But then I saw the demo. There is no way to describe it other than "bad". They literally haven't even tried. Jeez.

jb2271539d ago

Makes you wonder if MS is working to get this game pushed back to sometime after ReCore releases. If Mighty No. 9 releases and garners a lot of negative press from gamers & critics, that could substantially hurt the buzz for ReCore w/ Inafune's name attached. I wonder what is happening here, I always assumed that Inafune would put out a quality title here, doubly so because he was passionate enough about the project to Kickstart it.

zidane13411538d ago

MS has nothing to do with the development of MN9.they arent publishing it.

RedTriangle531538d ago

zidane, Comcept does have something to do with both MN9 and ReCore, which microsoft also has something to do with. It would be bad business for MS for Comcept to lose credibility before the release of ReCore, therefore it's not a great surprise if they tried to force Comcept to hold the release of MN9 until ReCore made their main sales.

Especially since MN9 probably sucks because they spent all their time working on ReCore in the first place.

-Gespenst-1539d ago

The concept art they initially showed should have been exactly what the final game looked like. This just looks like about a dozen platformers I've seen on Steam.

81BX1538d ago

I will never donate to a dev. Its just a gamble really. Maybe down the road once a dev consistently makes good, so i guess i really shouldn't say never lol.

R00bot1538d ago

If a dev consistently makes good then they should have the revenue to make their next game anyway.

81BX1538d ago

I laughed... thats a good point.

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