Unity Is Getting Stronger - Frostbite's Senior Graphic Programmer Leaves DICE, Joins Unity

It appears that the fight between Unity 5 and all other game engines will get really interesting. Frostbite’s senior graphic programmer, Sébastien Lagarde, announced that he’s leaving DICE. Sébastien has been at DICE for two years and will join Unity as a Director of Rendering Research.

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TheCommentator1128d ago

Giving Frostbite the cold shoulder.

Roccetarius1128d ago

Unity being able to challenge Frostbite is far fetched, considering it's mostly just used for Mobile Software.

Googling a list using the engine, there's really not that much being noteworthy.

Timesplitter141128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Unity is very popular among mobile devs, but that doesn't mean it's an engine made for mobile games.

Unity games can look like this, if used by professionals:

Nobody's saying it will compete with Frostbite graphically, but having an experienced graphics programmer on the team will certainly make great things happen. Some of Unity's greatest weaknesses right now are having decent AA and built-in post-process effects. That sounds like something a senior graphics programmer can fix

1nsomniac1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

It's not going to match Frostbite but it's certainly not a mobile engine. Many other games use it. The upcoming PS4 game The Forest will also use it as well as other Console games that are already out there.

user99502791128d ago


Battlefield 5 needs everyone and their mother working on it. Battlefield 5 will be the greatest game ever.

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alti1128d ago

um, wow. Game changer. If unity games end up looking like battlefield, it'll seriously update the gaming landscape.