Gaming Is Good For Me

Nicole from Vgamerz writes ''A ‘hobby’ is defined as ‘An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure’. Common hobbies include an ensemble of varying sport activities, the reading of books, even trainspotting is considered a hobby. However, it has come to my attention that for a noticeable number of those outside of the gaming community that playing video games is highly disregarded as a hobby. That being said, what I aim to do here is try to defend this hobby that I personally partake in and try to bring into light it’s positive aspects as I believe it has many.''

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Takwin1545d ago

Gaming is the best hobby I could ever hope for.

I have no doubt AT ALL that I will be gaming until I am physically unable to do so because of my health.

I cannot even imagine a scenario where I wouldn't be playing video games as a relatively healthy 75 year old!

And the experiences I have shared with my daughter gaming together on coop or sharing the experiences in single player are just awesome.

SlightlyRetarted1545d ago

I think you will become "slow" mentally before being physically unable to play. At least games you may enjoy playing today, will be hard to play when you're older. Games that need quick thinking and fast reflexes. Or even games that introduce a lot of gameplay elements at fast pace.

It's actually quite funny, that i ended my long time subscription of a gaming magazine in my country, because over 3-4 years i noticed that the reviewers started getting "old" (over 40). First i noticed that they started punishing harder games and praising hand holding games. At the end, only games that offered zero challenge got 9's and 10's and fast paced, high skill etc. games were getting slammed time after time.

Summons751545d ago

Gaming has become more than a hobby for me. It's apart of my life and it's where I'm striving to drive my career toward. Gaming has helped me through so many terrible things in my life, opened my eyes to really deep story telling, and just made friends and had fun. I couldn't see myself not gaming or with how bad I was in a depression at one point in my life if I would even still be here today. Gaming is just great all around, something for everyone.

SlightlyRetarted1545d ago

Games honestly helped me loose a lot of weight. When you are immersed into a game world, you don't even notice you are starving.

cd11545d ago

Love gaming, bit sad I know but I couldn't imagine life without it.

My only gripe is what its done to my thumbs - I blame Street Fighter 2...f*cking Dragon punch's :)

Thatguy-3101545d ago

Don't see why it should be sad.

Der_Kommandant1545d ago

Gaming isn't good for my wallet.

Wolfenstein511544d ago

Gaming is just like anything else - it is fine to do in moderation. It has to be a hobby, but must not take priority over more important tasks like going to work, socializing and searching for a partner or keeping your current partner happy. Then, at the end of the day play some MGS V or Rocket League. It's funny when I tell people I game and they say "Oh I don't have time for playing games" - yet they religiously watch over 20 shows on TV. There is NOTHING wrong with gaming as long as you have a life outside if it. Oh and go visit a national park and experience nature once in a while, you'll be amazed how much fun you will have and Big Boss will be waiting for you when you get back home.