I Was Right: Persona 5 Has Been Delayed

It's sad to see the game being delayed, but this is ultimately a good thing.

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jon_snow1542d ago

Games should never be rushed, I will take complete game over a rushed incomplete one.
Persona 5 gameplay trailer looks absolutely stunning. I will definitely wait till summer to try this beauty besides they said after Japan summer release will be immediately followed by worldwide ps4 only release( a month after Japan)

never4get1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Probably SEGA wants more money so they ask ATLUS to make Persona 5 available on PS VITA.

Persona 5 was originally PS3 exclusive, then be made available on PS4. ATLUS did make Persona 4 for PS VITA.

jon_snow1542d ago

I don't think ps vita is the reason as if that's case they would have hinted at ps vita version. The game director in the video he apologized for delay categorically said the scale of P5 is enormous and they are trying to fit as many element as they can which taking little more time.

VerdicLinwe1542d ago

Is this what every hipster says now to excuse the apparent lack of motivation, management, and focus that Japanese developers seem to be having? We all praise Phantom Pain - but it's a perfect example. I wonder how much of it was Kojima's genius, and how much of it was a good producer telling him to stop playing around and get back to work.

Baka-akaB1542d ago

How the hell you even came this path is amazing , considering western developers delays their games as much ...

1060FX83001542d ago

The Last of Us and GTAV were delayed for the better. They are Western made games. Your logic is flawed.

VerdicLinwe1538d ago

The Last Of Us was not 9 years in the making. Few western games have a cycle like that. Look at Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV, and Persona 5 since the original release of Persona 4. I don't have to argue the point, it argues for itself.

LightofDarkness1542d ago

Well, as long as you were right :p

Volkama1542d ago

Let him have his moment. If something doesn't happen often it is worth savouring.

Rookie_Monster1542d ago

Atlus is notorious for not making their deadline release date so this is not a surprise to many tbh.

Sonyslave31542d ago

The real reason the game got delay because they don't want 2 compete in this stack holiday season 2 many heavy hitters lol.

Niche title can't compete with Fallout & Stars Wars& Call of Duty and many great AAA from early this year people going 2 buy at holidays season.

the_dark_one1542d ago

You do realise that this particular niche title has a very strong fan base, and provably will care more about it then Fallout or star war or whatever

Baka-akaB1542d ago

Those games wouldnt make a dent to persona in japan , and it's unlikely a western fan would skip it for COD and the rest ...
And it's not as if we even know it won't go against another big game from 2016 . Happened often in the past when some game would flee the fall games , only to get destroyed by the likes of Bioshock march/april

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The story is too old to be commented.