Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: BUZZ! Master Quiz

The BUZZ! series has been a phenomenal success for SONY. With several outings on PlayStation2, and more recently a PLAYSTATION3 release, it's now the turn of the PlayStation Portable to receive SONY's Game Show software.

Originally arriving at a time when having a peripheral solely for use in a single game was still considered a hindrance rather than a Unique-Selling Point – a change in market trends that, quite obviously, we have Wii to thank for – BUZZ! The Music Quiz followed the line laid by the SingStar series, and thanks to a creative advertising campaign – including a reasonable price-tag for the package including the Buzzer Controller – the title, released in late 2005, found itself being prime entertainment for the family throughout the following Christmas season; as many subsequent releases have since.

The formula here, however, has changed quite substantially...

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dadice4312d ago

I'm still not sure if this'd really be worth it...