September PS Plus – PS Vita Takeaway

Xeodrifter and La Mulana are the free PS Vita games for September PS Plus. Are they worth your time or memory?

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B_Rickaby1541d ago

If you played La Mulana-EX through I'd like to hear you're thoughts on the game. It looks cool but I just don't have the time to put into it and figure it out.

ZeroSkerbo1541d ago

Both games look rad, i'm gunna try both out to see for myself ;P

shocked6861541d ago

Never heard of Xeodrifter, I'll have to give it a shot

YoungKingDoran1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I've had La Mulana since release & it's an amazing game.
Once you get used to the jumping mechanics its an awesome Metroidvania and really difficult. Don't play this game thinking that its another Spelunky though.
When you discover a new area or solve a puzzle and get a new weapon it's really satisfying. I have been stuck for a while, but I refuse to look at a walkthrough. This game *seems* to be quite unknown - even with it being a freebie this month.

I thought Xeodrifter was a poor man's Metroid, but it is actually pretty damn awesome. It was made by Renegade Kid who I've always though made solid fun games and this game has kept me interested so far. Looks great on the Vita.

B_Rickaby1541d ago

Yeah Xeodrifter is pretty awesome. I like La Mulana's art style but the difficulty curve is a bit of a turn off but if I ever have some free time in the future I'll jump back into it and give it another try.

Eidolon1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Xeodrifter is fun but can be frustrating/hard as hell, it's definitely a modern Metroidish game. Haven't played much of La-Mulana, but it wasn't too hard right off the bat.