Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Gets a Live Action Trailer

"Capcom has released a live action trailer for their upcoming game, Resident Evil Umbrella Corps."

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gantarat1127d ago

look pretty good for paintball arena.

1127d ago
_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

smh they just don't learn.

gantarat1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

you know capcom didn't use "Resident Evil" Title on US/WESTERN Version.

i mean
japan : "Biohazard Umbrella Corps".
US : just "Umbrella Corps" only

Sarah_Ch1127d ago

Really!! Is that resident evil we've known?!

Hoffmann1127d ago

A game nobody asked for.

fastNslowww1127d ago

I think the game will be fun!

gantarat1127d ago

destructoid people play this game on tgs and say it's alright.

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