What Now for Nintendo: Fixing a Broken Company

oprainfall writes "I want to congratulate you on your promotion to President of Nintendo Co. Ltd. While it certainly comes as a surprise not only to our contributors but our readers -- seriously, we had a poll for who we thought would be the next Nintendo leader and only 2 people voted for you -- it's a welcome sight to see a leader back at the helm after a two month void.

I also write to you today on your first day as President -- or perhaps, given the time differences between Detroit and Kyoto, your second day -- in order to address a number of points that Nintendo fans have brought up during the past couple years and as part of the discussion as to who would fill the void of your predecessor, Satoru Iwata."

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PhoenixUp1543d ago

I don't think there's much he can do yo reverse the situation. Even with a lot of amazing games available, the Wii U and 3DS are selling a lot less units than GameCube and Game Boy Advance did respectively