Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault - New Details & Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Nexon America today revealed details for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online (First Assault). In this tactical team-based shooter, players take on the role of an augmented soldier fighting terrorists on the streets of a future cyberpunk world.

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noxeven1180d ago

Well signed up for that looks like a lot of fun. I also enjoy the property thats being used for a source so thats another plus.

3-4-51180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

o damn.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone / Complex is the only real Anime that I've really liked aside from the first 15 episodes of Sword Art Online.

Stand alone complex is awesome, and actually I still need to finish the series.

I've only seen about 60% and I need some resolution into the Laughing man story.

I think this just re-motivated me to do that.

Hopefully it's more than just a generic shooter.

Featuring_Dante1180d ago

Got hyped up for a moment there. Whoever is holding the license for GitS should try gaming once more. the 3 ghost in the shell games are great games, but this doesnt really look good at all. GitS was never about shooty shoots, sure there are lots of action moments in the manga/anime but there was a genuinely good story to go alongside the thing.

morganfell1180d ago

Agreed. Moments happen in the series, the books, and the manga but they are that...moments. Section 9 would rather go in and disappear without leaving a footprint.

Featuring_Dante1179d ago

Exactly, probably the thing that still blows my mind is the Laughing Man arc. It was handled with utmost secrecy and that ending was perfect. And the end of season 1 of the anime was amazing.

morganfell1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

My collection includes the works by Junichi Fujisaku. Section 9 is considered Public Safety but that "safety" is primarily achieved through intelligence operations. Armaki is known for his deftness and invisible hand in resolving matters. Very low key ops.

There are also side issues such as Togusa wrestling with the question of his viability in such a unit where he isn't heavily modified. This is diametrically opposed to Kusanagi's own conundrum as she wrestles with the questions of her own humanity.

NiteX1180d ago

At first I was excited, then I noticed it's just COD with a Ghost in the Shell skin.

Bathyj1180d ago

Theres so much you could do with the Ghost in the Shell property. Cant say Im that thrilled to see yet another shooter in a crowded market unless it does something to really stand out.

Erogemaster21180d ago

THis will never catch on.