ShopTo unboxes the Xbox One Lunar White Controller


Next week sees the arrival of the rather stunning Xbox One Lunar White controller and we were lucky enough to get hands on with it before release.

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raggy-rocket1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Looks great, I'm getting the Master Chief controller, though to sit with my day one controller and I might trade in my titanfall controller, not iconic enough to stay with me all gen. All great controllers, really.

FlexLuger1547d ago

Im hoping to pick one up at the end of this month. Collectors item :). Hopefully they dont sell out!

gangsta_red1547d ago

I need to pick this one up!

Toiletsteak1547d ago

I am holding out for that Elite controller.

Fin_The_Human1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Wonder if that gold on the dpad will wear away easily after awhile.

qu1ckset1547d ago

Honestly Loving the new addition of the textured grip on the bottom of the controller, and after re-watching the videos on the Halo 5 Oni and Master Chief controllers I notice they don't have this new grip which instantly equals a no buy for those controllers.

This controller is sexy but white just isn't my think , can we get a Royal Blue or something !?

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