Tales of Zestiria Reveals Its PC Specs & PS4 Info

Tales Of Blog:
We’re just a month away from the release of Tales of Zestiria in the West! It’ll be the first time the Tales of Series is available on Steam and PS4, so we’re incredibly excited to reveal today the PC version’s specs and be totally transparent with you. Hold on to your rig, it’s about to get technical 😉

Both the PC and PS4 version will run at a 1920×1080 resolution with PC supporting resolutions up to 4K. Full HD here we come! They also benefit from many other graphical improvements: the draw distance is 2x times what it is on PS3, with the PC version having a “far” option improving it even more. Shadows, anti-aliasing and textures also got upgraded. The PC version will allow you to switch between low, medium and high for all the preceding options.

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5yb5n6u2817d ago

can i run it on my playstation4c or do i have to play it with playstation4 edge?

2817d ago
MasterCornholio2816d ago

No idea why hes making a reference to the Samsung and Apple phones.


As far as i know this game wasn't confirmed for smartphones.

ZeroX98762816d ago

PS4 ain't a PC. it'll work no need to stress yourself about specs.

that's maybe what he was trying to say.

My PC can easily run this game, but I prefer playing it on my PS4 since I can remote play it with my vita.

I'm surprised the game is coming out on PC and I sure hope it's not the last JRPG they bring to the PC platform. More sales equals better budget for the next title in the series. :)

Magicite2816d ago

I would have never expected Tales games to come to PC.

someOnecalled2816d ago

it makes since people are more open to playing on pc and console market is shrinking since the longest in japan. im surprise a lot of devs havent made a mobile or handheld version of their games. ps4 is selling at a faster rate than ps3 but people still are not into console over there. its maybe because how busy they are over there. plus its just more money. businesses will do business

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Sly-Lupin2817d ago

LMFAO. Their idea of "PC specs" is to tell us there will be 3 graphical presets (low medium and high, how exciting!) and that it will display at 1080p+ 30fps.

Ravenheartzero2817d ago

Sweet really looking forward to this, with fallout 4 and Dragon quest heroes too gonna be a great holiday for me :)

impet252817d ago

They say we sharing pc specs with no pc specs in sight geezer...smh

Viryu2816d ago

On one hand, the 60fps troubles thing is quite true, as proven by Dark Souls II. On the other hand, From Software did manage to mostly fix it, so can anyone else.

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