PES 2016 review (OXM)

Official Xbox Magazine Staff:

"To the untrained eye, it would appear Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series hasn’t done that much actual evolving over the course of its lifespan. Sure, the boots have gotten more colourful and the haircuts sillier, but it’s still basically the same game that wowed PS2 owners 14 years ago, isn’t it? Maybe, maybe not. But the fact remains that although PES is seemingly as unchanging as Steven Gerrard’s haircut, every Autumn we feverishly await the latest game all the same. And that’s because, despite their broad year-on-year similarities, each PES game is balanced differently from the last. Each one offers a fresh challenge that needs to be broken in like a new pair of football boots. And this year’s offering delivers arguably the most compelling battles between free-flowing offence and stifling defence we’ve ever seen in a football video game."

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bmky1543d ago

im getting pes this year.

3-4-51543d ago

Already had my mind made up but it's good to know it's getting industry wide acknoledgment as a really solid game to own this year.

This is good for PES....and in the long run good for soccer and Fifa as well.

PES being the better game this year should hopefully push EA and the Fifa team to accomplish even more next year.

Fifa needs to work on it's stiff/ stuck animations.

Players stop moving in too an unrealistic a way.