Valve's Robin Walker shows you what it's like to use the Steam Controller

Phil Iwaniuk:

"Gosh, I'm glad I'm not in charge of designing the Steam Controller and making sure it works just as well with mouse-focused RTS titles as it does with shooters. And racers. And MOBAs. And those suspect anime titles. Christ, to have to head a project that ensures adequate haptic control for those suspect anime titles."

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hiredhelp2145d ago

Defo gotta grab one these ive not Pre orderd but im wanting try this for sure and more buttons always good.
Love the profile selection and customisation screen.

solar2144d ago

pre-ordered my controller and link a few weeks ago. i too am really excited about the controller.

freshslicepizza2144d ago

me too. i always wondered why console controllers don't allow this type of customization for input control.

morganfell2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I got in on the early shipment having ordered 2 controllers and a Steam Link months ago. This was in my mail yesterday:

solar2143d ago

nice morganfell, PM me once you've had a chance to mess around with both the controller and link. id like to know your opinion.

SniperControl2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Any of you guys know how this controller would work outside of Steam, i'am thinking of Origin games for example FIFA, Battlefield etc etc.

Currently using a DS4 with DS4windows.

Fishy Fingers2143d ago

Don't think there's any official word but I expect it'll work as a 'joy pad' across the board. If not, you'll probably get unofficial drivers/Xbox pad emulators within a day or 2 of it launching.

Pandamobile2143d ago

You need to use Steam to change the software mapping (i.e, change the settings of the trackpads and buttons and stuff) but it will work on Origin games as well. It's designed to be work as a generic Xinput controller, meaning games outside of Steam will recognize it as a 360 controller.

someOnecalled2143d ago

imma gonna get one but i mostly gonna download the best profiles for diffent games. i looks great but i will not get into making my own perfect profile i like at first.

The Options.. gotta love pc.

3-4-52143d ago

* My PC plays Steam games + non-steam games + make music, and I get to use a 360 / XB1 controller.

PC cost me $500 in 2013.

^ How is the Steam Machine + this new controller any better for me than what I already have ?

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AizenSosuke2144d ago

Controller looks cool in my opinion.

Edvin19842143d ago

Why can't we ever see any one play a game with it lol... it looks interesting, but I will wait it out and see what the general public thinks. I have a X1 controller connected to my PC and it works for controller games just fine.