Which Video Games World Would You Live In?

Kelly from GamersFTW says:
As gamers we all like to escape the stresses and responsibilities of the real world from time to time with some quality gaming. So imagine one day you switch on your console only for it to instantly teleport you Star Trek-style to a lobby, where in front of you is a selection of worlds from video games ready for exploration. However, there’s a catch: after you enter a world there’s no going back. You are to live here – permanently.

So my question is, if you had to pick one world from video games, what world you choose to live in? Here are a few suggestions:

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MrsNesbitt1129d ago

Pokemon and minecraft combined! :D

c00lvilKid691129d ago

Pokemon in Tamriel perhaps?!

TLG19911129d ago

The problem is, if we lived a world with pokemon then there would also be a group to stop it as it would class as pokemon cruelty making them fight each other.

Replace pokemon with dogs and its pretty much what we have today.

Although if it is literally the pokemon world where everyone is fine with it then so am i lol

Magicite1128d ago

JRPGS has got best worlds. Final Fantasy and Chrono Cross.

c00lvilKid691129d ago

‘ can ride dinosaurs, and eating magic mushrooms is totally legal.’ Haha!

Aside from its obvious beauty, Tamriel looks like a hard life unless you’re dragonborn, I don't know.

Hozi1128d ago

Final Fantasy X, XV or Legend of Dragoon.

Maple221129d ago

Pokemon all day, and Tamriel. Also, one not on the list would be Thedas. Not sure how long I would last with all the dragons, but I'd give it go!

DarkOcelet1129d ago

FFXV world looks phenomenal. I would want to live there.

Neixus1128d ago

Just move to Norway or New Zealand :D

TLG19911129d ago

fallout. although it would be terrifying being real.

or fable, and live a life of polygamy and STDs

Skellytorx1129d ago

Haha definitely sounds like the Fable life!

dillhole1128d ago

Give it a few years, your Fallout dream might come true.

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The story is too old to be commented.