7 ways Pro Evo 2016 has FIFA beat this year

We’ve played PES 2016 already and here’s why it might just have FIFA 16 beat.

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StrayaKNT2150d ago

And still fifa will sell more and have more people playing it throughout the whole year. I know alot of people who play fifa and fifa only and they honestly dont even know PES exists lol

iceman062150d ago

Really, because the same thing can be said about CoD! It will sell better than everything. It will be played by people throughout the whole year. I know alot of people who only play CoD and they honestly don't even know that (insert whatever game) exists. LOL
How silly is it that something can't stand on it's own merits? FIFA will probably ALWAYS have a bigger following. But, that doesn't take away from the quality of PES. Much like CoD doesn't take away the quality of OTHER fps.

nX2150d ago

Let them play their half-assed crap, there's no point in arguing with FIFA fanboys. Judging by the demos PES comes much closer to capturing what football is all about but FIFA fans, like 10 years ago, only see the missing licenses.

Dfooster2150d ago

like when FIFA 09 and 10 came out and everyone was still playing PES even though it had gone down hill and FIFA had surpassed it by that point. But eventually everyone caught on.

I transitioned back over to PES last year, and having tried both demos its easily going to be PES for me again this year.

1nsomniac2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

To be fair I was 100% set to scrap FIFA altogether & get PES this year. Especially with the ability to add option files on the new consoles.

After playing both demo's though I have to admit I wasn't massively impressed by PES. All the talk seems to be just that again this year, just talk. Although Adam Bhati is awesome at it & the game is not bad by any means.

Yes, the freedom of play & movement is still & has always been superior to FIFA but it's still not quite there & lacking a little everywhere else.

Although I'm sticking to my word & refusing to buy FIFA, their new offering fixed a lot of last years issues (re-implementing handballs) & i really enjoyed playing it. If I had skipped last years FIFA I would definitely be picking up this one.

SniperControl2150d ago

Totally agree, while i dont mind the actual gameplay, the rest of pes is totally dire, the presentation has a lot to be desired, the commentary is cringeworthy, the players still move like robots on speed.

FIFA 16 has come on leaps and bounds from 15 in gameplay, been very impressed by the demo, opposing players seem to press and pass more, while also making more intelligent runs trying to get in behind your defence.

iistuii2150d ago

Agree. Also I keep banging on about it, but the lack of fouls, or NO fouls by the AI in PES is a joke. I went through a complete season last year and was fouled once in a season, stupid. But the demo this year is exactly the same. I must have played over 30 matches & im yet to be fouled, yet FIFA demo I scored a screeming free kick just outside the box. Both the reviews I have just read on PES give it high scores & yet both say the AI doesn't foul. I cannot see how you can score a game so high when a huge part of the game ( fouls/free kicks ) is missing.

Baka-akaB2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Sure i get you , it was basically the same issues with flaws and goal keeping each year ever since PES come to ps3/360 ...

But goalkeeping and animations actually got better , and i'll check out at least how it fares with referee in the retail games in demos at store .

Besides the Fifa 16 demo got the exact same laxism with fouls from what i've seen .

If both remain crap in that aspect , but one still got a better overall AI with player behavior and a better gameplay , like i feel PES do , ultimately PES wins out in my book .

I'll just probably skip it again if as usual the online is crap , wich is a big No No for me these days .

iceman062149d ago

While I agree that PES doesn't match up to FIFA in terms of presentation and commentary, I highly disagree with the assessment that the player move like "robots on speed". If this were last years game (mostly the year before), I might wholeheartedly agree. But, this year PES got it pretty spot on with animations. Transitions are smooth and fluid. Even the running motion, which needed some work, got fixed. As for the rest of what you said, well, PES has been doing that for years. It was actually the best part of the game. AI was pretty intelligent...and even that got better. Not only do players make direct runs. But, they will trim the run at the line of the defense and make a lateral run to find better space and avoid offside calls.
I'm a fan of BOTH games. But, PES just feels better and a more accurate representation of the game...for ME.

Nightmar3Demom2150d ago

I played both demos. I'll stick with FIFA

totalrecoilzz2150d ago

i might have waited 10 years since pes 6 came out but it was worth the wait because pes 16 is the best footy game ever made!!

Masta Kaos2150d ago

PES for me....Played both and I prefer free play over everything...PES gameplay is solid, Fifa lacks something for me...presentation is dope but the gameplay doesn't do it for me.

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