Telltale Games Teasing “Surprises” for Fall 2015

"It seems that Telltale Games has something up its sleeve as the company’s Head of Creative Communications, Job J. Stauffer, has teased some upcoming “surprises” for this year."

Kalebninja2998d ago

Right now i don't care if TWAU gets it's season 2 I NEED season 3 of TWD.

Dissidia2998d ago

I love both games, but The Wolf Among Us was surprisingly more engaging to me. TWD Season 3 will probably be releaed first though

5yb5n6u2998d ago

if its not a jurassic park reboot, ill riot digitally.
the original were atrocious.

Summons752998d ago

Is it a new engine because your current one is REALLY showing it's age and it's not pretty either.

ninsigma2998d ago

New engine would nice actually. That's a good point. Tell tale, listen to this guy^!!!!

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Telltale Games Confirms Layoffs; All Projects Still in Production

Today Telltale Series has confirmed to TechRaptor that it has laid off a number of employees, while the games currently in development remain in the pipeline for the time being.

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mooreneco2154d ago

Sadly, this is Deja vu, with Telltale going through this type of thing before in 2018 - thoughts are with those affected. Games companies and all sectors always follow each other, with the bad press reducing as each new announcement is made - sad times we live in.


How Supermassive Games Is Repeating Telltale's Mistakes

Supermassive Games has failed to innovate since its breakout hit Until Dawn and its games are getting more stale, something that sadly echoes Telltale Games' downfall.

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ApocalypseShadow522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

Trash article. More jaded commentary from individuals that play so much of something, they get pulled out of the very thing they liked before. Or think everyone is as jaded as them with the genre. Thing is, the developer wouldn't be making these games if they didn't think there was an audience. And, they are not in financial trouble as Tell Tale was. Try again.

Critiquing is fine as we want developers like Super Massive to stay the course of making good games. Especially after rushing games out too quickly after their break out hit. But to go on and say they are on a decline when the very game they just released was received well by the gaming community is jumping the gun. Not only that, but Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was a hit on PSVR fool. Not everyone gets nausea from VR.

Not only that, but the ignorant opinion that Quantic Dreams has declined when Detroit: Become Human is a great game for its genre, was received well by gamers and sold well, speaks volumes about this person's opinion.

plmkoh522d ago

Tell Tale's biggest mistake was attaching their works to huge existing IP that requires big royalties. They didn't invest in bringing new ways to interreact with their games or even improvements to graphics/mo-cap.

Supermassive is the complete opposite. Their games are completely original works, they own their own titles, there is a level of exploration in their games and the graphics continue to be worth a look.

Notellin522d ago

Agreed. This article is complete garbage. The games it compares The Quarry to are hardly competitors and nowhere in the league of the game.

Knushwood Butt521d ago

I need to play Rush of Blood again.

Bobertt522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

These type of games are about the choices and the story. Some of the later releases may have faltered in those areas making them not as good as the original. But i don't see how this author wants them to innovate. It just seems like the author wants to play a different genre. What they need to do is come up with better stories and choices.

SyntheticForm522d ago

Currently playing TQ and have no complaints. Really enjoying it. Hats off.

StarkR3ality522d ago

The reason that telltale fell into financial ruin was the amount of money they had to pay out for the big License fees. Batman, Borderlands, walking dead, they had to pay through the nose to get rights to use them. Supermassive don't have that problem, although I would love them to do a Nightmare on Elm street, Friday the 13th or Halloween game, the rights to those properties would likely be too much to warrant the cost.

MadLad522d ago

Dumb, uninformed take.
Telltale went under due to, mainly, piss poor management. They grew the team way too big, and took on way too many projects at one time; stretching the key talent far too thin.
Then constant crunch pushed much of said key talent to move onto other studios.
Tied into the fact they kept utilizing antiquated tech instead of moving onto a new, modern engine.

None of this applies to Supermassive, thus a pointless and uninformed article we have here.