Telltale Games Teasing “Surprises” for Fall 2015

"It seems that Telltale Games has something up its sleeve as the company’s Head of Creative Communications, Job J. Stauffer, has teased some upcoming “surprises” for this year."

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Kalebninja2144d ago

Right now i don't care if TWAU gets it's season 2 I NEED season 3 of TWD.

Dissidia2144d ago

I love both games, but The Wolf Among Us was surprisingly more engaging to me. TWD Season 3 will probably be releaed first though

5yb5n6u2144d ago

if its not a jurassic park reboot, ill riot digitally.
the original were atrocious.

Summons752144d ago

Is it a new engine because your current one is REALLY showing it's age and it's not pretty either.

ninsigma2144d ago

New engine would nice actually. That's a good point. Tell tale, listen to this guy^!!!!

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