CVG: Saints Row 2 Interview - On PS3, GTA and all that customisation

CVG writes: "Saints Row 2 is taking on GTA. With customisation, a solid co-op mode and Tera Patrick on its side, Voltition's series has got a good chance of attracting the fans put off the genre by GTA IV's more gritty approach.

Alright, it's not going to beat Rockstar at the bank any time soon, but when we sat down with producer Dan Sutton he did a good job of talking up the game's strengths - mainly its massive amounts of customisation - and we reckon it's definitely got a strong position alongside the genre titans of this generation. You might even love it.

Here's what he had to say on tackling the PS3 and creating controversy on Wii."

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CViper4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

It has more crime related content and features than the Latest GTA4. I mean, remember how fun GTA used to be? Before they started booking digital comedy shows, and removing features from previous installments? Its safe to say that I know GTA4 disappointed me personally, and im sure it was a total let down for others. The online is fun, but the game sort of turned into a glorified version of its hallow former shell that it used to be. The media community completely took advantage of their reputation to make this game such a huge financial success.

Previewing all of the features with Saints Row 2, it appears to be truly, disgusting, perverted, and over the top. Its WORTH the censoring buzz because face it, this game is offensive to people the way GTA used to be. If you played the first one, you'd know what to expect, and more this time around.

I mean, they signed TP!!?!?!? I feel like a pervert because I'm excited about that element. But I mean for a game to go after her, is just a credit to the level of gaming that they are trying to sink to. And I love it.

If ANY of you haven't tried the series. I suggest you take it for a test drive. You will not be disappointed.