Evil Avatar: Top Spin 3 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Being a fan of the Top Spin series, I was chomping at the bit to try the new one, Top Spin 3. After my experience with the game I found I was highly disappointed by this outing. The game certainly looks good, but looks are only skin deep. The best parts of the graphics are the characters themselves (now with increasing sweat textures!) and the actual changing of the weather as a cloud passes over or the sun comes out that you experience on the court in real time. I don't remember that being in the last game, but maybe I'm just forgetting it. The first sign of problems with the game was when you go into a match and the game is loading who knows what (characters, sweat details, highly textured balls? Who knows!). During these moving long shots of the venue you see basically a slideshow as the animations and camera movement stop and then move again. Not once during my whole play time did I see a clean opening to a match before the players are introduced. Once whatever it is actually gets loaded the game runs with no slowdown at all."

The Good

* The graphics, now with increasing sweat textures!
* Real-life tennis players look good for digital reproductions

The Bad

* New control scheme takes a while to get used to
* Massive change to the career mode is not appreciated
* Change from star system to point system for abilities

The Ugly

* When I got to the Pro level and found it was no different in concept than the Junior level

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