Should Videogames Be Regarded As Art?'s Maikel de Bakker writes: "Nowadays games surprise us in every way. We enjoy the worlds we live in and we love to explore them in every way. Did it ever occur to you that you were walking around in true art? Art in its purest form; one hundred percent imagination. I hope that the next time you walk around a vast world created by our beloved game developers you will stop and look. Just look and I am sure you will see things you did not notice before! This is art."

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Zerodin4359d ago

A painting is something one person made themselves. Lots of hard work involved. A musical composition, person.
Movies, getting kinda dicey there...I don't consider even the best movies as art.
Games, the best game in the world isn't art to me.

ChickeyCantor4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

Games can not be made by one person(big games...that is), so saying its not art because of that is just stupid.

The CONCEPT comes from 1 or 2 ( maybe more) before it goes into production.

The whole team works towards the Concept.
Without the team it wont even be possible.

So I do think its Art.
There is lots of effort going on too with big teams, eventhough sometimes it does not look like it.

Smacktard4359d ago

Not all paintings are made by one person. Regardless, if a tipped over trash can in a gallery can be considered "art" then I think video games can, too. Not many, video games though. Some games, such as Okami, definitely could.