Totally360 Review: Coffeetime Crosswords

Totally 360 writes: "It seems like a bit of a tricky choice. Spend a quid on a paper-based crossword puzzle book from your local corner shop or newsagents, or 800 points on the electronic equivalent for your Xbox 360. Sheer economics might scream "fool" at you for choosing the latter, but you know something? Coffeetime Crosswords isn't actually all that bad.

It takes the well known word-puzzle much beloved of little old nannas the world over, and gives it a 360 makeover packing the game with 150 different puzzles at 5 skill levels ranging from "Oh my god, you could write for Nutz Magazine" right up to "So you read the Times then do you?"

The game is reasonably well presented, just like Buku Sudoku was – but be warned, if you haven't got a handy USB keyboard to plug in (or one of those weird little messenger keypads for your 360 gamepad) you are going to suffer at the hands of one of the WORST text entry methods known to anyone with opposable thumbs."

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