Bioware Says 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Is "Best" & "Largest" Mass Effect To Date

Bioware's creative development director Alistair McNally says Mass Effect : Andromeda is the best and largest Mass Effect to date

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Septic1135d ago

Ah man my body is ready. New Mass Effect will be amazing!

bouzebbal1134d ago

did it ever happen that a developer say that a new episode is the worst yet?

hay1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Like hell I'm gonna trust EA and reviewers after Mass Effect 3 success.

OhMyGandhi1134d ago


not a videogame developer, but Josh Trank said something just like that when Fantastic Four came out.

donthate1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Good thing I can try it out before release myself on Xbox One with EA Access. Likely get early beta testing too.

Looking forward to this, but if it turns out to be sh!t, I will know for myself instead of the corrupt game "journalist" that will lie to get you to buy it without knowing the truth!

EA Access rocks! Will get to try Battlefront for myself early too. EA Access is only available on Xbox One though.

I wish all big publishers would do this, because the game is available for 10-hours of play time. The actual game, not a demo or some other spiffed up part.

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TacticAce1134d ago

Watch it get delayed and downgraded...

HammadTheBeast1134d ago

I doubt it, this isn't Ubisoft we're talking about here, Bioware has consistenly released great Mass Effect games.

TacticAce1134d ago

Yeah its EA that we are talking about... Have you forgotten how bad they can get?

coolman2291134d ago


..........did you not play Mass Effect 3. In what world would you consider that game great?

Irishguy951134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

@ coolman, being somewhat of a stepdown from ME2 and it was still better than the vast majority of games from its time

It just depends if you can take a lackluster ending and not let it sully the whole experience.

shloobmm31134d ago

Mass Effect 3 was a great game. Weird ending yeah but great game none the less. EA has done a lot of good over the past few years. I have no complaints about them this generation. Did they made some mistakes last generation yeah but i think they got away from that long ago now. They have consistently put out good products. I dont consider BF4 an EA issue but a DICE issue. Dice writes the code and had plenty of time after the debacle that was BF3 and still got it wrong.

AndrewLB1134d ago


Except for the fact that they absolutely butchered the most important part of the trilogy, the ending. Every single decision you made was pointless, and every aspect of story telling that made Mass Effect a great series was thrown out the window so they could meet a deadline.

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Blaze9291134d ago

"Bioware Says 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Is "Best" & "Largest" Mass Effect To Date"

well, duh? Shouldn't it be?

Solid_Penguin-641134d ago

"Introducing the new Mass Effect! It's not as good as the
other three, but it's alright like."

10/10 IGN

juliotheman211134d ago

@abzdiine soon as i read the title thats the first thing that came to my head

scientificreasoning1134d ago

meh, one of the most overated developers and series in gaming.

AndrewLB1134d ago

All because they screwed up the end of ME3.

Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 were both outstanding games and deserve all the praise in the world. The characters, story, and depth of the Universe Bioware created in those games were incredible. They achieved what most developers can only hope to do and that's get the player emotionally invested in the characters so you actually care about them. In fact, this even continued for the first 90% of Mass Effect 3 but things fell to pieces the moment you boarded Illusive Man's space station.

Had they just gotten rid of four characters, Kai Lang, Jersey-shore (meat-head + the reporter), and hologram-kid... it could have been a great game.

Bigpappy1134d ago

I hope it allows for real open exploration of the planets where they are lively and interesting things to discover. Even if it is materials to upgrade the ships and have the upgrades obviously evident, hopefully visually evident.

donthate1134d ago

I hate those missions. Searching for things, and finding just about nothing.

I would rather they skip planet or space exploration for a good narrative story instead.

3-4-51134d ago

ME1 was awesome.

I hope they re-find that magic.

showtimefolks1134d ago

can't wait to play it but i am not setting my expections really high. Many of the talented people over at bioware have left over the years

also this is so like company line, its not like a developer will come out and say their next game will be bad or worst than before

after that whole every choice will matter and than removing most of our team mates we saved in mass effect 2, i don't think bioware should be talking. now is the time to let your game speak for itself

PR depart met should be hyping not developers

medman1134d ago

Developers usually wait until you buy it, it sells well, then they make the new version a few years later and begin trashing the last version, telling you how bad it was and how they wished they had done so much more.

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DarkOcelet1135d ago

I think we the gamers should be the one deciding whether its the best or not. In my opinion i still think Mass Effect 1 was the best in the series.

I doubt this one will top it and i doubt any other protagonist will top Shepard in the Mass Effect series. And i doubt there will be someone in the crew better than Garrus.

VER1ON1135d ago

Its Always hard to introduce a new protagonist after 3 insanely good games. Reminds me of Halo 5 and Spartan Locke who is introduced next to Chief. SO far I like what I'm seeing from the Andromeda.

DarkOcelet1134d ago

To tell the truth, Halo 5 will be shared by Locke and MC. If Locke fails to give a good impression upon gamers, they can go back to MC.

I think Locke is a badass though.

And also the problem here is that the new protagonist will likely not meet any of the old crew except Liara since Asari have a long life span.

But getting Shepard out of the equation completely is not exactly a wise move. Hopefully the game is good though.

JWiLL5521134d ago

Halo 5 has sci-fi legend Nathan Fillion though. They knew what they were doing there, everyone loves him.

ThanatosDMC1134d ago

Hoping they dont dumb down more of the gameplay like what happened to Dragon's Age.

linkenski1135d ago

Some day developers will learn to put confidence in saying less is more.

Bigger is not always better.

DarkBlood1134d ago

Hope I can still make the same face I used for the trilogy lol

chrisx1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

if it can be more like mass effect 1 with all the upgrading/features given more depth and characters given more customization depth then yes thats that can make it the best.