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DarkOcelet2577d ago

While many will disagree with the author, i will say that i am actually interested to get Arcania now. It was on my mind a while ago but i forgot all about it. Hopefully its a good game.

FTLmaster2577d ago

Just don't expect a top-tier premier RPG and hopefully you'll have fun with it - thanks for the comment!

FTLmaster2577d ago

As long as you don't expect a AAA top-tier RPG there's a lot of fun to be had in Arcania. It's a great game to play with headphones on, curtains closed and for extended play sessions - If you pick it up I hope you enjoy it!

Adamiak2576d ago

But I expect AAA quality, and Arcania doesn't have that. Witcher 3 is undeniably better than Arcania, check ANY review and see, you are one of a billion to like Arcania better, but I don't take it from you, play what you will...

TheCelestial2577d ago

While everyone is entitled to their opinion; YOU ARE WRONG!

ArchangelMike2577d ago

I could probably list 10 reasons why The Witcher 3 is better than every oher game ever made. But at the end of the day it will still only be an opinion and not objective fact.

FTLmaster2577d ago

You should do it! I'd love to read an article like that.. It's a really good game and there's a lot to love about TW3, but parts of it didn't quite click with me - thanks for commenting!

Adamiak2577d ago

How can someone say, that a dense story is bad and straightforward story is good? I didn't even read the rest, he is just wrong.

FTLmaster2577d ago

I just didn't really know what was going on in TW3 and this comes from someone who has played the first 2 games (which had superior stories imho)The story was decent but the pacing was off and it was abit all over the place - thanks for commenting though!

Adamiak2576d ago

The story was best of all the series IMHO, I can't believe someone can actually say, that dense story is a disdvantage, that game is huge, what did you expect, it's like saying, that you don't like your salary because it is too big... :facepalm:

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