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Developer has solutions to stop pre-owned game sales

Destructoid writes: "David Braben, founder of Frontier (Lost Winds, Thrillville) has some interesting ideas that developers can use to avoid consumers from trading in their games to get newer ones. In an interview with DevelopMag, Braben proposes that 'struggling' developers should utilize unique box codes or create single-use incentives.

'Another option would be to offer extras - or even part of the game itself - packaged in with the game as a unique code on a scratch-card. If you do this, then those extras could only be obtained once.'

Braben ultimately concedes that downloadable is really the only route to go in terms of avoiding pre-owned sales, considering that consumers can do nothing with them other than keep them on their hard drive. Personally, I utilize the pre-owned system at popular retailers heavily. Without that sort of system, I wouldn't be buying the amount of games that I do. And I have to say, it's not like the majority of the games that I own are real champions in their genre. I'm still ticked off that I bought Puppy Luv: Your New Best Friend.

What do you guys think about this? Should developers try to black out retailers with their product with special codes and giveaways? If every developer were to start doing what Braben wants, how would it affect you?"

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Silogon4441d ago

I never buy used. It's a waste of effort in the end. Developers don't see the rewards for their work and you're supporting a system with air money. Sony or Microsoft isn't going to be jumping up and down because you're playing "said" game on their system unless you paid for it.

And when I said "paid" I mean at the new tag price. No one wins when Madden on Ps3 sold more used copies than madden on xbox 360 does new.

For instance. <This is a hypothetical and it doesn't mean it will. It's an example. Don't get all huffy puffy with me.

Alexander Roy4441d ago

Yeah, because every place still sales factory sealed copies of Final Fantasy VII, Super Mario World and Metal Gear Solid.

Once the presses are stopped, the number of copies available begins to decrease. They break, they are lost. At one point, there aren't any new copies on the shelves anymore. If you can tell me which store sells all the PSX games I bought used off of eBay and Amazon, I'll gladly re-buy them.

MazzingerZ4441d ago

Konami already did something like this, at least on the PS3 version of PES registered to play online and the game was locked to that info to play online so anyone else buying a used copy of the game wouldn't be able to play online unless they had the original user's info

I really don't care if they do lock the games, here in Europe there're not rental services like Gamefly or others in the US so I do only purchase games and check very well if the game is worth my money...this wouldn't affect me...I think Gamespot, Gamefly ,etc would suffer more than gamers as those companies are really usurers when it comes to buying your used games to only resell them for a price close to the normal...

thinking about that I'd happy if this became true, just to see how Gamestop would react to that...pre-owned games makes a good percent of their yearly profit


Caxtus7504441d ago

why does everyone say there are no rental services in Europe?

There are at least 4 top names here in the UK for example. I am sure there are others in other European countries too.

UK: Check Gameflirt and Game Monster. Even LOVEFILM do games.

Google if your friend.

Panthers4441d ago

What is dumb is that Gamestop will sell a used game for $5 cheaper than new and people go for it. Gamestop is winning twice because they sold the game twice, and consumers lose because they can only sell it to gamestop for $30 or less.

If I ever sell a game, it is on Ebay and I only buy new.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R4441d ago

Developers hear me out..Sue Gamestop! They are the ones making..correction: Gouging the profit out of both used and new games.

player9114441d ago

This is them wanting more of your money. They see you buy a game, play it, and sell it to someone else. They don't get paid for the second transaction.

How about you get your hands out of my pocket and make games. Developers already get their money from the first game. I don't know what entitles them to think they should get paid for every owner of a single copy.

Sheesh. For every human born, there's 5 more to take his money.

Here's a solution: Make a game good enough to keep so people wouldn't have the need to sell it.

Tempist4440d ago

Um, shouldn't the developers be going after the publishers and telling them they don't like the idea of used games. Yeah I see it as selfish of the developer to A) demand you shellout as much money as you can for their products and B) are in a way dictating how you are to use your property.

There is no simple solution, but there are solutions. Publishers can easily pressure GameStop to hold off on used games sales of new titles for like 60 to 90 days simply by threatening to cut off their supply. They can also limit the copies they ship to them. It's really the trade-in system.

But all and all if devs wanted to stop this then they could make better games cheaper (Patapon was made to be sold for $20) Wii games don't seem to suffer as much as 360 / PS3 games. If anything the dev/publisher royalties system needs an overhaul if devs are making money only based on sales.

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Zerodin4441d ago

It will just get more people to resort to piracy.

Pain4441d ago

ie u buy game for +$60 and gamstore gives u $10... and they RE-sell it for $25..bring it.

Marcello4441d ago

get on with making Elite 4

You arent ever gonna stop 2nd hand copies of games PERIOD !!

If you want ppl to hold on to there games then make games worth holding on to like i do with games like Final Fantasy & RE4 for instance, i havent sold them simply cos once a year i dust em down and play them during a game drought.

Braben`s idea sounds just like another sort of DRM, we dont liked to be forced into things, its human nature. Personally i dispise DLC unless its free & availiable to everyone.

ChampIDC4441d ago

Yeah, the only games I buy new are the ones worth paying full price for. As you said, developers should make games worth spending the money and holding on to.

Tarasque4441d ago

This guy is a complete douchebag, do you think ford or chevy is whining and crying about pre owned sale's or trade in program's or how about boat's or movie's or appliance's or clothe's. What about auction's and yard sale's. If i seen this guy in public i would probably....ok i am not going to say it.

gaffyh4441d ago

I think it should actually be illegal for devs to do stuff like this. Part of the reason I prefer buying disc based games than PSN or XBL games is that there is a resale value if I get bored of the game (even if it is not much, it is better than nothing).

thePatriot4441d ago

making the best game possible? I will never sell my mgs games or shadow of collosus, okami and so on. heck, I might even get burried with them just in case nobody sells them after my death.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R4441d ago

Okay so whats going to happen when the hard drive is filled up? Do they really think consumers are going to delete a $50 game? Making everything digital will have absolutely no production costs for discs, etc so the games better be a cool price of $20

gaminoz4441d ago

Say for example you buy one of his 'coded' games for the Xbox 360. Your 360 gets the red light and dies and you have to buy a new console. Then you can't use the game you paid for and have to buy another copy to get a new code???.....This will only encourage piracy. Look at PC.

Codes and download-only games may cut down the secondhand market but I think this is wrong. I will not even play half the games I do without the second hand market. I can't afford a lot of games at $100 AUD a game. That means I won't play any sequels of that game either or maybe get excited about their next projects if I haven't had the chance to enjoy the first ultimately they risk getting nothing from me.

Daishi4440d ago

Gaminoz you hit the nail on the head about PC. With no second hand market more and more people have resorted in piracy, making the console market even more desirable to devs. I understand that people want to make a profit but doing something like this will only cause spite. What happens when they want to get rid of split screen co-op unless you have two discs? Sounds crazy but the dollar, yen, ext. makes people do crazy things...

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Alexander Roy4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

Haha, man, that guy had me laughing. Well thought out, Sherlock. Really, it's a genius masterplan. I approve your intelligence.

Wait, this reminds me of something... This reminds me... Isn't there already something that uses a unique combination of digits and/or numbers... Oh yes. PC games. Just good that there is no piracy whatsoever with PC games, because nobody has these codes.

F'ing morron.

Say hello to keygenerators for console games.

Mr_cheese4441d ago

I don't see the point in stopping pre owned games. It just gives buyers that choice of affordablity if need be

m-s-8-24441d ago

I understand the desire to stop it, I just don't see how it can be done.

Personally, I won't buy a used game unless its a PSX game that is no longer available at regular retail, as i'd rather spend the extra $5 and support the company who actually put the time and money into developing it, instead of giving the douche who owns gamestop a nice $30 profit for keeping it in their back room for a few days.

Tarasque4441d ago

Would it be ok if ford told you, "You cant trade your expedition in cause there is a code for the vehicle you can only use once" or "You can't buy a used car you have to buy a new one cause you have to get a code". There is no reason not to be able to buy pre owned game's same as movie's and such.