Sony 'struggling' to reduce PS3 production costs

With Sony more than doubling PS3 sales in the April-June quarter from last year, the company is reportedly still struggling to reduce the console's production costs.

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cloudman4392d ago

Drop the price

they have to. They have to make it attractive to developers!

LightningPS34392d ago

They have to lower production costs, like it or not. The console war depends on it. Because anyone with common sense knows that price is very important.

It's a price war, PS3 started doing better when their pricing became closer to the XBOX 360. I think that's obvious.

Muppetmeat4392d ago

"the company is reportedly still struggling to reduce the console's production costs. "

As opposed to them 'casually trying' to drop the price, or 'not struggling' to drop the price? How the hell is this news?

Hey, here's a late breaker: The world is reportedly still trading currency for goods and services.

There really should be some sort of standard before letting this sort of crap on N4G.

Idonthatejustcreate4392d ago

The fact still remains, Which ever console the BEST games will be on is also where the gamers will be on.

PS3 won't have to cut price if the exclusive games are AAA.

gaffyh4392d ago

This story has nothing to do with developers cloudman. And how can they lower production costs if they drop the price? They would then have to lower production costs even more. Cos eventually they would like to make a profit on each console sold.

Rageanitus4392d ago


Anyone with common sense knows price has a great roll in selling something..... any anyone with business sense will know that dropping the price drastically will not help sales that much.

The price is right .... right now for the ps3.... Ppl will demand it at that price and it is SHOWING.... Its not like the xobx where its slowly losing steam... MS is not stupid so they reduce the price to spike demand.

Sony does not have to do this right now because they are spending their money marketing their games hence demand will increase. Now if ps3 did not have any games sony is in trouble.... but they do.

NO_PUDding4392d ago

I bought one, and it's been a sound investment so far. Touch wood.

Drop the rpice whenever they can, btu don't rush it, if they can sell for more money. There are certainyl a lot of people holding otu for one, due to the price.

MazzingerZ4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

PS3 is at the right price point if you think about what it in Europe it costs as much as an X360 Elite which doesn't have BR player, built-in Wi-fi nor built-in controller batteries...or is touch sensitive like the PS3, which also doesn't have outdated disc trays nor enormous power bricks... X360 doesn't support TrueHD Sound/DTS HD audio nor HDMI 1.3 either...SOOOOOOOOOOOOO

If people want to play MGS4, Killzone2, R2, LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm:PR, SOCOM:Confrontation, Wipeout HD, inFAMOUS, etc they better start saving bucks and stop crying about 50, 100 USD /EURO.

SONY knows that and they are not stupid, that's why the put out all those took ages before MSFT droped the price of the X360, why SONY would do that when people is eager to pay that for a console that delivers features + AAA exclusive games?

Most of those crying are X360 onwers that they think the X360 is worth what it costs today but not the PS3 but they still want one

juuken4392d ago

I disagree.

Sony doesn't need to cut the price of the PS3 just yet. You have very promising games coming out and that's more than enough to convince a next-gen buyer why they should buy a PS3.

Thugbot1874391d ago

Cutting production cost does matter to Sony because they don’t want to post a lost for every PS3 that they sell. Sure they can make it up in the AAA games they are planning to release, but no matter how you look at it you ideally don’t want to lose money to make money.

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B-Rein4392d ago

well its a hell of a machine lol, all parts are well made and good quality plus thos parts that are used are quet new so they will cost alot for a while now

Cupid_Viper_34392d ago

uh.... (scratches head) erm....SO????????

TheMART4392d ago ShowReplies(7)
Silogon4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

When Sony gives up struggling, then everyone should worry, but as long as they're struggling to do so I don't see the problem. It's got a lot of moving parts and a lot to offer the consumer.

400 is more than fair for it, hell I paid 600 for it and if you deduct the cost it has had a 100 dollar price cut each year it's been out. I think Sony has been more than fair with the consumers for the pricing.

Is it still too high? Sure, but it's not Sony's fault, either. 300 would look amazing, but we just can't see that happening for awhile. Not with Blu-ray just taking off as the primary media for the future of the industry.

Next year Ps3 will hit 300, subsequently in its 3rd year no less. That is when Sony's sales will surge past the competitions.

Edit to mart above:
Mart, I have nothing but respect for you but I do have to say that while you are right with the 200 price point for mass market penetration, you also have to take into account consumers know how fickle Microsoft can be and 200 dollars could be close out for their new system.