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Palmer Sturman: I previewed Armello at the beginning of the year and absolutely fell in love with it. I praised its stunning artstyle, commitment to espionage, and the way the title always presents multiple paths to achieve the same goal. All of these things remain true in its full release, and the additional characters, cards, and incentives provide even more content for players to lose themselves in. It’s a beautiful and well executed board game that, aside from a couple of multiplayer hiccups, utilizes its digital format in a way few games can.

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jznrpg1133d ago

I will give this a go-

ipach1132d ago

wish it had won the ps plus contest... but glad it's getting reviewed well

Viryu1132d ago

I voted for this game. I wonder how many people regret voting for other games.

tulholdren1132d ago

I voted for this game, still glad it got reviewed and will be picking it up.