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Ed says: "Forza Motorsport 6 is a love letter to cars and the men & women who love them. From the eye-popping visuals, the beautiful car sounds, getting racing and car enthusiast talent to narrate to you, and including many of the best world famous tracks (where’s Tsukuba?!) I feel Forza Motorsport 6 takes that philosophy and drives it home, as Turn 10 has done with each iteration of Forza since the beginning."

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Foehammer1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Nice pictures, they really speak to me personally:

Always like to see the cars I scrutinize in dealerships swapping paint on the track.

Can the Mazda MX-5 overcome a Mustang GT's power advantage on a tight track?

Let's find out.

HawkSE1159d ago

All the images were pulled from the server as used in-game photo mode to take them.

FlexLuger1159d ago

Another perfect score. Trust me its well deserved. This game rocks!

HawkSE1159d ago

Thank you. Please share the review if you could.

FlexLuger1159d ago

Already did on my facebook :)

Black0ut1159d ago

They keep on coming it's brilliant. Turn 10 have done a great job by the sounds of it, only 3 more days for me! =)

DrumBeat1159d ago

I cannot wait to play this beautiful racer. My first Forza since '3' and I'm absolutely pumped. Loved everything I experienced gameplay-wise in the demo.

My only complaint is that woman in the menus with her pretentious, TV commercial perfect voice. Hope there's a way to turn her off. She's just unnecessary and annoying.

Brisco1159d ago

Bought the ultimate edition last night. Played 6 hours straight. This game is awesome! The game play is spot on, the tracks look beautiful. The weather and night races are pretty great. One of the best racers I played for sure.

otherZinc1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

It's thee best racer ever.

I also bought the Ultimate Version because I couldn't wait. I have 195 Achievement points. I just play for for the game, as I'm not great online anymore.

I'm about to play for an hour right now!

Any score under a 9.5 for Forza Motorsport 6, is absolutely ridiculous!

At this point, it's the GOTY.

DeadlyOreo1158d ago

Lol really mate? Calm down haha.

iistuii1159d ago

If I buy the ultimate edition today, will I still get to play it now ? Only because someone told me it was just a pre order deal on the ultimate edition & now I'd have to wait till release day to play it...

Bigpappy1159d ago

Yes. That is one of the main attractions to Ultimate (you get to play it 5 days early).

u4one1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

great review and a great game. F6 definitely makes up for the few steps back that f5 took. the visual presentation is just fantastic, the physics are great, excellent track and car selections, solid 60 fps performance, telemetry information on tap, and i really enjoy the addition of the race mods. the rain is done really well too. not only does it look great, it doesn't just make your grip less and your braking distance longer, its actually calculated with water amounts, surface materials and temperatures to boot. hitting a puddle doesn't just result in 1 default reaction, you can plane and slide to varying degrees based on how deep the puddle is, where it is and the trajectory you come into it at. this is the first console racing sim that i've truly felt like the weather is accurate over just making the car arbitrarily harder to drive. i feel like the screen shots on the web of this game don't even do it justice compared to when you're playing it in person, realtime with a nice tv. there are moments when it just looks real.