Microsoft explains Xbox 360 Opus motherboard

Microsoft said Friday that the Opus motherboards are indeed making their way into pre-HDMI Xbox 360s sent in for repair, but stopped short of suggesting that the board will prevent Red Ring of Death failures.

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fafoon4359d ago

You see this button here
Touch it
It turns on
And then
These 3 Red Lights flash
But Don't worry its perfectly normal

ps360fella4359d ago

OMG be original please, how much intelligence does it take to make up a rrod joke, like come on be more creative U TOOL.

Menchi4359d ago

Umm... It's an article about RROD, what sort of joke can you possibly come up, that has relevance, outside of a RROD one?

My my...

ps360fella4359d ago

i dunno say something like 'its not only the red ring thats gonna make the the console fail msft will help along the way" but jus saying rrod is gay

fafoon4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

Or not being able to come up with somthing yourself
Well that to is Bent as F*ck

P.s your attemt at what you call a joke
Was Crap
Dont give up you Day job(road sweeper)

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NoxiousD4359d ago

you guys are wrong lmao

Idonthatejustcreate4359d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft messed it up in at the beginning with thier consoles. The only difference between them is that Sony has less things to un-mess.

FantasyStar4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

I'd defend Microsoft as well, but I worked over 100 360s and they all reek of "rushed, messy Hardware designing". Microsoft has no room to talk concerning why their hardware is failing other than their own obsession to get their console on the market before the competition.

Sony however had advanced technology in its systems each gen. PS1's really took advantage and initiated the age of game-based discs, but suffered drawbacks for overheating and weak rotating motors during launch. PS2 introduced the DVD-medium storage that every console is using now. Launch PS2s suffered quite a bit of drawback because of the Disc Reading Errors. I personally never had this problem, but sources say that the lens wore out too quickly because people were using the PS2 to play DVD movies. PS3's suffer the same DRMs, but to a much, MUCH lesser degree. You see there are plenty of reasons for Sony to say why their consoles died, but Microsoft only has one reason as to why their consoles have died, and Microsoft isn't even using any kind of brand new technology at all. Just the same, tested-and proven hardware; tested against time.

outlawlife4359d ago

from all accounts this board seems to be leaps and bounds over the launch board

red rings seem to be getting rather infrequent these days at least in my circle of friends

so kudos to microsoft for working on the issue

shazam4359d ago

they still have that small ass heatsink on the gpu, the hottest chip on there.

TOSgamer4359d ago

Its been almost 3 frickin years! All they had to do to reduce red ring of death was get rid of those stupid X-clamps... I have no clue why they used them in the first place.

FantasyStar4359d ago

Move the GPU away from the DVD Drive and that would kill RroDs immediately. The GPU is seated directly under the DVD-Drive. The DVD-Drive spins at a fast 8x-12x and dumps most of its heat inside of the console itself. First destination- ALREADY HOT GPU.

Megatron084359d ago

From what ign said the board is something like the "faclon" and uses a 65 chip and while that might not completely fix rrod it will definetly help. What ps3 fanboys dont realize in that rrod is cause by a lot of different things. Almost anything that is wrong with your system will give you rrod. THey only way to fix it completely is to have a 0.0 failure rate

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