Destiny: It's Time To Go Back

If Destiny 1.0 was the seed, then this expansion is the fruit born of it. There are and still will be growing pains, but it’s time to go back into the rift. Destiny 2.0 has arrived and the game deserves your attention once again.

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gamer92149d ago

Well that was weird. Your article listed things wrong with Destiny and didn’t really give any reasons to go back.

GrimDragon2149d ago

Lol what a terribly written article. I stopped when he said light is no longer a factor lol. Boy is he in for a surprise.

gums0072149d ago

So you left Destiny because you "wanted more" and were "let down". You also mentioned your lack of friends (not astonishing) being the reason you couldn't participate in the Raids. Pretty much what you are saying is you didn't have the intellect to go online and find people to play destiny with where there is a huge community looking for other people like yourself =

Please don't write about a game when you skipped the sole purpose (RAIDS) which is the heart of destiny.

Go back to call of duty broseph

InsipidGhost2149d ago

Hi Gums! Thanks for reading! I think my point is that I shouldn't be expected by a developer to reach beyond their game in order to find a group to play in their content. I've used DestinyLFG plenty of times, but I don't award Bungie or Activision with that credit.

Vault of Glass was alright, but I never took that or any other of the content to be sole purpose of the game. I thought the sole purpose of the game was to have fun...something Destiny 1.0 failed to do with longevity.

warczar2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I guess you never herd the George Bush jr. saying about not getting screwed twice. I played destiny religiously in the beginning, so much that I have full vault gear for all three of my guardians. Then the dlc dropped and I realized what actibungie was really trying to do with destiny; chop 1 game up into so many different pieces that by the time people are done purchasing every piece, it's cost them more than 200 dollars. Did the witcher not put anything into perspective for you? Can you imagine how much actibungie would have charged for the witchers free dlc? I can't see how a self respecting gamer could ever support actibungie unless they are paid by them. You want me to jump back in, let me know when actibungie is actually done making the game then I might consider getting it used.

Chaosdreams2149d ago

Destiny is for those who enjoy Cod.

Don't kid yourself.

Mikelarry2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Nah im good. Everytime a new destiny update some gamers fool themselves that this update will make destiny a better game but it doesnt, goodluck to those still playing but bungie and activision with all thier actions have made it clear this game is not a title i want to support

InsipidGhost2149d ago

Very logical and respectful response. Admittedly, I felt the same way for a long time. It wasn't until really diving in and researching the new content that I started to come around. It'll certainly be tough with Halo and Battlefront in the shooterspace (not to mention COD, but that's never been for me). Also plenty of other great games apart from shooters...great year for gaming.

jdiggitty2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I'm sorry to break it to you but all those reasons you stated still exist for TTK. You are still going to have an issue finding raid partners as before. You'll level to 40 in about an hour and get through the story quests in one sitting. I completed the arms day gun challenges in less than 30min. The first two levels of Court of Oryx drop BLUE gear and you have to play the 2nd level 3 times to access the 3rd. Yeah, that's not going to get old quick.

I've played extensively, and right now my LIGHT level is the biggest problem I have. Wearing the best gear available now, my super is on a damn 5minute cooldown and I can't get a grenade charged by the time I need it in crucible. Rift blows.

You're going to abandon this game again for just the same reasons as before. Also, I would NOT recommend anyone start in at this point as you are literally wasting more than half of the game in the year 1 content. And that's coming from a hardcore Destiny player. By Dec 1 this game is going to be done.

Honestly, if you don't feel you have an obligation to a clan or that you've already committed too much time in it to not complete the "story", I'd just play MGS V over again a couple times till something else comes out.

MasterD9192149d ago

You want more? So does Bungie and Activision's price model...

The_KELRaTH2149d ago

When just the TTK DLC costs more than Fallout 4, MGS V etc it's time to call it a day.


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