GamesRadar: Spectral Force 3 Review

Buried underneath the sometimes slopped-on content is fairly competent strategy game. It's challenging enough for serious gamers, but forgiving enough that you can go ahead a use your favorite Sorceress even if a goblin Warrior would be stronger. For gamers who want to pretend that their two favorite Spearmen really are special even if it wouldn't make a difference if they traded equipment, GamesRadar can definitely recommend Spectral Force 3.

You'll love:
- Streamlined combat interface
- It's one of the only 360 SRPG shows in town
- Difficulty level is friendly to serious and casual players

You'll hate:
- Many of your soldiers have only minor differences
- Graphics fail to ever impress
- Many statistics seem superfluous

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FCOLitsjustagame4325d ago

Odd, I had just assumed this game would be crp due to no buzz at all and had written it off. But I am having to burn all my PTO at work (that would be paid time off). So I am sitting around impatiently waiting for Too Human or at least the Fable II pub games to come out while borrowing NCAA09 from someone after hitting a wall in CivRev.

So now this less then shining (but not nearly the utter crap i expected) review comes out and I am tempted to go out and buy this game..... of course I guess I could go back and get Vikings (always ment to get that one). Hmmm decisions, decisions....what game I didnt pic up to go pic up.

Odd too that if a game is too old I get grumpy about picking it up at full price. Spectral Force JUST came out so I would pay $60 for it when its probably worth $30. AC6 or Burnout Paradise came out over 6 months ago so it feels wrong paying $60 for them, even though they are probably worth it. Odd. Even more odd that I can see it but am having a hard time getting past it. I should just get AC or Burnout...