Over G Fighters Hands-On

Currently scheduled for release toward the end of this month, Over G Fighters is a Taito-developed combat flight sim in which you'll get to take the controls of more than 30 of the world's most powerful jet fighters. Gamespot recently had an opportunity to spend some time with a near-finished version of the game, and although its presentation isn't particularly impressive, we're pleased to report that the game appears to offer plenty in the way of depth and challenge, without getting so bogged down in realism that it's inaccessible to any of you who haven't already earned your wings in a flight sim previously.

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MoonDust6194d ago

I love jet fighter and can't wait to buy this one.

OutLaw6194d ago

But I have to admit if I did buy another flight game this would be the one.

LK6194d ago

can wait to play some online dog fights.

Anerythristic266194d ago

I truly hope there is an ultra realistic difficulty setting. I understand if they need to make the game accessible to other players but is anyone else with me on the realistic difficulty setting?

MoonDust6194d ago

I think it says something about difficulty.

Anerythristic266194d ago

I just hope they have a different difficulty setting , that is all. When you play flight sims on a PC for example they have settings that are almost arcade like to ultra realistic , where if you don't use your throttle , flaps , yaw , pitch and all that stuff you crash. I like that.

FadeToBlack6194d ago

Their is an arcade settign and a realistic setting. I personally prefer the realistic settings as i am used to using MS flight simulater in max realistic settings which makes flying much more challenging and realistic.

USMChardcharger6194d ago

i am with you on the realistic difficulty setting.
this game looks to be a blast. can't wait for the multiplayer review.

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PS360PCROCKS6194d ago

Yeah it looks like an XBOX game, but I MIGHT rent it considering

Anerythristic266194d ago (Edited 6194d ago )

No , it does not look like an XBOX game. Are you joking? I think it looks great. Look at the textures on the mountains and all the detail and the smoke effects.

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