Red Faction: Guerilla Beta Gameplay

Brand new gameplay taken from the Red Faction: Guerilla closed beta.

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PoSTedUP4867d ago

looks like fun. damn i wish i was in the beta too.

its all good though.... socom & resistance betas will be more than enough.

ape0074867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

man,volition ftw

saints row and redfaction both rocked

and keep in mind that both are totally different

you'r one hell of a studio volition

thq,support them hard

there games always ozzez with quality

MasterChief28294867d ago

... you guys going to approve it? lol

Yeah I didn't care much for this game before, now after playing the beat, I gotta say, it's pretty damn fun.

Milky4866d ago

3RD PER$0n 4 Teh W1n !!!!1111

MasterChief28294866d ago

? It's actually pretty fun, and it makes more sense with the backpack powerups. It would look odd charging through a wall and you not seeing the damage you've caused.