Unreal Engine 4 Being Free is One of The Best Things That Has Happened this Gen…Maybe

OnlySP: So, my editor wants me to write an editorial about how Unreal Engine 4 being free is the best thing to happen to gaming this generation. I don’t say this as a cynical way to start this article, nor I leading up to the “well, he’s wrong!” moment where I turn the whole thing around like the rebel I am.

Ok, so I am totally planning to do that, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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nowitzki20042147d ago

It will help grow a new gen of devs imo. People might just go play around with it for fun and end up with some great games. It has to be one of the best things to happen this gen.

Another + to PC gaming.. You can use programs like this and much more. I played around with it, Im a gamer not a game maker.. Ill stick to just gaming, you guys don't want to play my games.. Believe me!

ryuuzakibjorn2147d ago

"you guys don't want to play my games" - I do! :)

never4get2147d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3, Dragon Quest 11.