Little Big Planet E3 Gameplay Interview

Interview with Media Molecule's Alex Evans

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TheExecutive4313d ago

I dont have any doubt this will sell great over its lifetime, but the casual gamer is still a year or two out on the ps3. That being said, it should sell a couple million copies which is great. However, I am a little worried with how glitchy this game is going to be for the first few months.

I mean nothing like this has been done before. When this game hits the servers its going to be interesting to see how they react. Also, I am a little worried about the physics of this game not so much the fact that it wont have good physics, but with so many objects reacting in different ways I see a huge potential problem with collision physics. I HOPE that this game isnt really glitchy but I see a huge possibility of it being that way.

Anyway, I am preordering this game and getting it on day one.

-60 MM created maps
-60 tutorial session so we can all learn to build maps
- 4 player co-op both on and offline
-User generated content will be off the hook
-I can play it with my parents, wife, and sister right alongside my gaming friends.


IzKyD13314312d ago

also, Media Molecule is a REALLY small team

SmokingMonkey4313d ago

i'm thinking of making a "SE7EN" level where each level in the building represents a different Sin. i'll write "GLUTONY" and "ENVY" ;) ...on the walls on each different section of the board.


CViper4313d ago

You would some how have to relate the sins to the level though. Like the gluttony level.. if you can build a fat man, maybe you could have to FEED him to reach a certain weight, to weigh down a toggle, that opens the next level.

I believe there is weight, and food types in the game. So that would be amazing to try to tie in all those ideas.

popup4313d ago

With lipsync and hopefully Youtube support, it will be fun using this game to recreate sets and scenes from movies and plays.

TheExecutive4312d ago

yeah its going to force the issue of buying a PSEye I can tell you that much.

CViper4313d ago

no matter if its 6:19 am :\

BlackIceJoe4312d ago

I so can't wait for LBP. I wonder if LBP will ever come to the PSP or the proto type for LBP Craft World.